Windows Installer Error 1720 / 1722

by Raphael Nikolai on June 6, 2009 and Revised on May 17, 2012

in TroubleShooting

The Windows Installer is a Microsoft service that is responsible for installing softwares as well as uninstalling them. This post focuses more on issues encountered by the Windows installer service and what should be done whenever problems are encountered. If the windows installer service is stopped/damaged you  will get an error message saying, “Windows Installer Error 1720 / 1722,” every time you try to install or uninstall a certain software. You need to ensure that windows installer is properly installed in your computer, otherwise you are bound for constant headaches and pains.


Sometimes all you need to do is re-register the windows installer service and everything is fixed. So you might want to try this step first before proceeding to the ultimate solution of the problem.

  • Click on the start menu and click on “Run” (XP), or the start search box for Vista and type in “Msiexec /unregister
  • Do the same thing with this command “Msiexec /regserver

If the solution above did not resolve your problem then you can go ahead and install the latest and stable version of windows installer. Follow steps below.

  • Download the latest Windows installer 4.5 from the Microsoft’s website.
  • Follow the instructions and download and install the windows installer file according to your system requirements.
  • To install windows installer just double click on the downloaded file.
  • Once installation is finished, restart your computer.
  • After the restart make sure the windows installer service is running. Just go to the start menu and click on “Run” for XP and type in “services.msc” For Vista just use the “start search” box and type in “services.msc“. When you are in the services window look for the windows installer service and make sure that it is started. If not then make sure that the startup type is set to “Automatic” and start the service.
  • After doing all the steps, continue installing/uninstalling your software. It should work by now.

Alternative solution:

  • Go to control panel.
  • Under Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services
  • Right click on the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Service and click on properties.
  • Select Log In Ta
  • Select Log As “Local System account” and tick “Allow service to interact with desktop”
  • Restart your computer.

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If this has resolved your problem, we would greatly appreciate your comment about what software did you have trouble with. So that we will have a data on the applications that are commonly affected by this issue. Currently, this method will fix problems with installing of Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, HP softwares, Dell, Lexmark, Epson, Canon, Camtasia Studio, Avg, Avast, Norton, Symantec. Again let us us know what application you had problem with. Thank you.

  • midknight

    Thanks for the interesting information. I followed all the instructions, but in my case they didn’t work.

    When I try to install Studio 12 Ultimate on my new computer, at the end of the process this message appears:

    Error 1722. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. Action PCLE_StudioInit, location: C:…Studio.exe, command: /init

    And the installation is aborted. But the same DVD installs the program without problems on my old PC with Windows XP SP3.

    • Nikolai

      Ok, let me try to check on your issue… I will post here any solution that I find for your Isssue.

  • Bauble

    I was trying to install the Nokia Software Updater but neither method worked; it still came up with the same error.

    • Nikolai

      May I ask what is the error message?

      It is possible that it is not windows installer that is having a problem in your case, it could be your Nokia Update installer package itself. Are you installing from a disc? If yes, then try downloading the installer from nokia’s site.

      If you are already using a downloaded software, then go to “eventvwr” type it in the run dialog box and look for error log entries in the application folder. Hopefully it will be shown in there what encountered error during installation.

      Let me know how it goes…



      • Bruclin

        I’m having the same problem as Bauble trying to install Nokia Software Updater. I’ve tried all of your suggested solutions and none of them worked. The error descriptions is the one that follows:
        “Product: Nokia Software Updater — Error 1720.There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A script required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. Custom action Kill_process script error -2147023838, : Line 5, Column 1,”
        Hope you u can tell what might be happening.
        Thank you very much.

        • Nikolai

          Try downloading the software again.. it is possible that the installer package is corrupted.

          • Russ

            I am trying to uninstall a novatel wireless aircard from Windows XP 32bit and I get Eror 1720. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A script required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. Custom action RemoveOnRetain script error -2146828218, Microsoft…

            This aircard is my only Internet link other than this I phone! If I take the laptop to my workplace I can attach to the net there. Any ideas?
            Thank you.

    • George Totorean


      After countless attempts (including almost setting fire to my PC in the hope it might kickstart the Windows Installer), I FINALLY made it. It was as simple as going into the Services tab of Task Manager and then the Services button in the bottom right corner, then finding Windows Installer and setting its properties to Automatic (via right click). No restart needed, just reinitialization of Nokia Software Updater bull. It turns out it’s Nokia’s fault, really (if you read Teabore’s comment on Oct28). Seems some people at Nokia have gone into hibernation early…

      Thank you Nikolai for the solution, if only I could have found your page earlier… Would’ve saved me some sleepless nights. Respect!

      • Flavio

        Thanks a lot – the other solutions didn’t (corporate computer so options greyed out) but this one worked just fine for me.

  • Johan

    Thank you this helped, the software i had problems with was for XFX game controler and now its working .

    • Nikolai

      I am glad I was able to help.:P

  • Andrew Foster

    Tryed but it didn’t work for me. I get the error when I try to re install windows XP and doesn’t get past putting in Key number. Error 1722 Problem with windows installer package.
    Ive downloaded latest service packs as well as most recent installer program without success.
    This all started when some audio software wouldn’t launch and still doesn’t even after re installing.

    • Nikolai

      That’s odd, if your reformatting your computer, then you need to make sure that you completely reinstall windows.

  • Dean

    Your tip regarding starting the service was the fix I needed. This page helped where countless others failed including microsoft’s own support pages

    • Nikolai

      Great to know that I have helped you resolve your windows installer problem.

  • Matthew

    I have been trying to install Cisco VPN software but this 1720 error keeps stoping my installation about halfway… Have been trying to install this for a couple days.

    • Matthew

      I am also running Windows Vista Business

    • Joe

      I am having the same problem as Matthew does – getting 1720 error while installing Cisco VPN software. I have tried the tips above. So far, none of them works for me. I am running Windows XP Home edition. The same install package ran successfully on my other two machines, one Windows Vista and the other Windows 2000.

  • PeterB

    Problem with Nokia Software Updater – any working solution from guys above?

    • bruc_

      Yes I finaly found a solution on some other post. Yo have to download 7-zip from , install it, and open the nokia software update .exe file from the program. After that it will expand that file into a few more, you have to chose the one that installs it.
      This will do the work. Let me know if it worked out for you.

      • Nikolai

        Thank you sir for sharing your solution. Hopefully others will benefit from it too.

        • Sabeeh S

          It worked. Thankx a lot :)

      • PeterB

        Still not working. I tried on 3 different computers.

        • George Totorean

          Hi Peter,

          See my post from above, from 30 Oct. Done in 2 minutes what I couldn’t manage in almost a week.

          All the best,

      • Rhino

        It’s Worked! Thank you sir. ^^

  • Amanda M

    Didn’t work for me either. I’m running XP with Office 2003 – yes I know they’re old, but I don’t like Vista or Office 2007. On my other computers they work fine. On this one all I get is the windows installer window opening with “preparing to install…” then “Problem with shortcut” (even though I’m going through the start program) and “this patch could not be opened…..everytime I try to open Word or Excel. No matter what I do – have followed all the advice – still get this. But all I’ve downloaded is from Microsoft’s own website.

    • Mark H

      Amanda I seem to have exactly the same problem as you on the same kit. Did you find a solution? Would be very grateful.

  • Richard W

    Trying to install Vodafone VMC lite on Vista 64 and getting error 1702.

    Having been referred to your site by Vodafone (good recommendation but no money eh!) I tried all the fixes but no result, still the same.

    Punted back to Vodafone and will report what the fix is – well other than go back to XP or wait Win7!!

  • Carl L

    I’m getting the 1720 error trying to install the software for a Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 straight out of the box on XP SP3. Have updated to Windows Installer 4.5 but no joy. I actually won this webcam in a promotion so not easy to go back to the vendor. I would really like to get it up and running so any further help would be appriciated.

    • Carl L

      Managed to find the solution to this. I had to update to Windows Script 5.6

      Check out

      Hope this helps others.


      • Solwelgear

        !!! Great thanks to you :) !!!

        The problem was same “with Windows Installer Package – #1720 – couldn’t run script(!)”.

        I have visited several forums and everywhere I read the same steps of solving this problem. And nothing could help me.

        So, if somebody have the same problem – try to [re]install Windows Scripts (latest version was 5.7). Then reboot (or run “Start”+”R” –> “wscript -regserver”) and try to install again. Hope, it will help not only me :)

        That’s one more way to solve this problem. So, note it.

        PS Sorry for my “speech” – English isn’t my native language.

  • Daniel H

    Had the Error 1722 when i tried to install CISCO VPN Client on a XP Prof SP3. It occured when it tried to install the vpn connection entry. After installing the MS Installer 4.5 i could install the VPN client without a problem.

  • Teabore

    If you are a package creator: check the propertios of custom actions – if you set the Processing property to “Ignore exit code”, it will be run simulteanously.

    • Etienne Poirier

      Hi Teabore.

      When you say “If you are a package creator: check the propertios of custom actions – if you set the Processing property to “Ignore exit code”, it will be run simulteanously.”

      What do you mean by “…it will be run simulteanously”?
      Are you saying that this issue is due to the options that a package installer uses when creating an install package?

      Greatly appreciate the post.


  • Jim
  • Burn

    Hi all, I am trying to install Celcom Broadband USB Stick Modem and I am getting the same problem, I did everything stated as above, but still no luck. Error 1722.

    Software trying to install: Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite.

    Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATEd :)

  • Tony

    I am trying to install FSX but getting error 1722, My system is XP home edition with 32 bits and sp3. please help.

  • Danielle

    I am trying to download my new FLIP camcorder and I am getting the “problem with windows installer” msg. and then another msg pops saying “it seems that you have an incomplete or corrupt installation.” I have trying to problem solve this for over a week now and everything I try has not worked. I have updated everything. When I try to download the 4.5 installer it says something like updates not avail for this system. I use vista SP2. FLIP says its a windows installer problem, but I about to give up. And I have tried all the other tid bits about typing in the start menu, setting installer to automatic, manual. everything under the sun thus far! HELP if anyone knows!

  • Bob

    I tried George’s solution (10/30/09 1:24 AM), but was unable to uninstall all the corrupted downloads and got this message: Error 1905.Module C:Program Files (x86)Verizon WirelessVZAccess ManagerBlaze.ocx failed to unregister. HRESULT -2147220472. Contact your support personnel.

  • John

    I have almost the same problem and have the same response from FLIP. I’ve completely updated Windows (XP sp3), downloaded Installer 4.5 (without obvious problems), followed everything that Flip has suggested – but I still have the same problems. I’d also appreciate anything anyone can do to can help!!!

  • Scott Hager

    I am in the same place as John. I am running an up-to-date XP Dell attempting to load Flipshare 5.0.5 with no success. I have received the following comments with when I’ve attempted to reload the program after the fix at each step above: “There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A script for this intall to complete could not be run. Contact you support personnel or package vendor.”

    Then came this one: “It seems you have an incomplete or correupt installation. Please use Add/remove Programs to uninstall ‘previous version.’”

    I’ve tried every step you suggested, re-booting after every change. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to load the program thus far. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    • pittsttop

      I have the exact same problem as scott….what 2-do now?

      • Nikolai

        Did you follow the instructions above?

        • Scott

          I went ahead and contacted Microsoft who sent me to my vendor, Dell. I worked with the Dell folks for about three hours including re-installing the newest installer (the one you’re listed). While it cleaned up my machine I still couldn’t load the Flipshare program. I recontacted Flip and have been working with a customer service supervisor to see if they can facilitate a resolution via the tech folks. The tech side is calling my problem solved from their perspective – and I guess it is if they don’t see it as their problem. I’m not sure Flip thinks they have much of a problem. Unless we go back to tell them it’s not so, we may not get a fix. Dell didn’t think the problem was in the registry. FYI, I was able to check out a new Dell at work and the software loaded readily. What’s different?

          • steve

            I am also having problems with installing Flipshare onto XP. Getting the same error response that Scott mentioned. I also contacted Flip and they mentioned that it was a problem with Windows with a link to this website. I too have updated everything and rebooted with no luck and the same error message.

  • Doug Hughes

    I got the same reply, diagnosis, and referral from the FLIP support group. I have tried everything they suggested with no success. I upgraded to Roxio Creator 2010 for $99 (less $20 rebate). So, my “work-around” the FLIP support(lack of) has cost me many hours and $79.

  • Jeff

    I am having the same ussues with the Flip camera Jumped through all the hoops and still cannot get the flipshare to install due to the error “There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A script for this intall to complete could not be run. Contact you support personnel or package vendor.” “There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A script for this intall to complete could not be run. Contact you support personnel or package vendor.”

  • Nikolai

    By the way Guys, this solution also works with windows 7.

  • Ruslan Livansky

    I’ve solved this problem by using msicleanup.exe by/for MS Office.

  • Acid

    I keep having the same error message when I’m trying to install the NEC Image Utility Express 2.0 on my XP SP3…
    I tried everything you send without succes.

    Any idea?


    • Nikolai

      If you have done the troubleshooting steps above, then you might need to consider reformatting your operating system. Make sure you backup important data first.

  • nate

    This topic hasn’t been discussed for a few months, but in trying different steps on this page I found that the Microsoft Fix it program actuall fixed my program. It is Microsoft Fix it 50181, linked here
    I wasn’t recieving the “Library not registered” error that the microsoft page talks about, but It fixed my 1720 error.

  • Stuart

    I have tried the above solutions but none of them unfortunately work for reinstalling windows xp via the i386 step (no xp disc). Any further help on this would be gratefully accepted

  • elias supaman

    this works if you have problems installing borderlands just so u know

  • Nickolas Daniel

    Ohh man, thanks for the solution, in the pc of my friend i just need update the windows installer of 3.0 for 4.5.


  • Chris

    Having trouble…I am trying to reinstall windows xp. Dell kindly decided not to give me a hard copy of the disc, so I have to attempt a reinstall using the system that is already on the hard drive (winnt.exe or whatever it is). However, when it is about 2/3 of the way through copying installation files in the OS installer, I get hit with this error. I have tried all the suggested fixes here — it seems like the same problem that poster Andrew Foster had. Any help?

  • Anonymous

    I was trying to Install Borderlands, I got the error I did this and it Worked.

  • Patrick

    I’ve been havving a problem with windows installer. Everytime I try to install java runtime or adobe, it gives me the 2203 error and I have no idea what to do. I’m running a windows 7 Nvidia 32-bit system.

  • Scarbs

    Trying to install Easiteach. Am still unable to even after following the processes above.

  • Vinni

    I was trying to Install Borderlands, I got the error I did this and it dont work :/