Three Ways to Uninstall and Reinstall Hewlett-Packard Printer/Scanner Software

by Raphael Nikolai on December 20, 2008 and Revised on May 16, 2012

in TroubleShooting

Hewlett-Packard All-in-Ones are excellent machines and are designed and tested by the world’s bests. However, these instruments does not stand alone by itself. It could not function well with existing Personal Computers’ softwares like, Microsoft, Mac, and Linux with out its Software and Driver.

As the products spread like virus, incompatibility issues arises some of which are still without solution. But most of these issues require a full uninstall and reinstall to fix.

Why do we need to uninstall and reinstall?

Hp softwares were programmed and debugged thousands of times to work, ideally, on fresh installation. However, over time, HP software can sometimes be affected by third party softwares like registry cleaners, anti-viruses, or Windows itself. The problems cause by these applications are hard to trace that is why it makes sense to uninstall and reinstall it to reset it back to its original working state.

How much time does uninstalling and reinstalling take?

It takes about 30min to 40min.

Do I have to uninstall and reinstall often?

It depends, HP is constantly updating their software and are fixing new issues as they arise. Generally, the answer is no.

In this tutorial, I will be show you how to uninstall and reinstall HP software in three ways. I am going to categorize it depending on the situation, so that you may know what to choose.

Different Ways to Uninstall and Reinstall HP Softwares

Below are three different ways to uninstall and reinstall Hp. Please choose which un-installation process is best for your issue. If you are having frequent hp software issues, then I recomment the “I don’t want it to fail option.”

  • I DONT WANT IT TO FAIL – HP Uninstall/Reinstall

This route is for extreme issues, wherein repeated uninstall/reinstall failed. It will completely remove everything and reinstall the software fresh.

a. Download the latest full feature software and driver from Downloaded softwares tend to be more reliable compared to discs. Plus, it is updated.
b. Using your CD, explore to contents of your CD and launch the following uninstallation files:

  • x:UtilCCCUninstall-L1
  • x:UtilCCCUninstall-L2
  • x:UtilCCCUninstall-L3
  • Do not run Uninstall-l4, I do not recommend it. It may damage your computer.

Where “X:” is the drive location of your disc.
DONT HAVE THE DISC? if you dont have the disc, all you need to do is double click on the downloaded software to extract its contents. After extracting, welcome back screen appears. Do not install it yet, just click on exit. Click on start – run – and type in the box “%temp%” to go to temp folder. Locate the folder that starts with “7z…”. E.G. “7z6nC”… The content of the “7z…” should be the same with disc’s.

c.Go to Control Panel – Add and Remove Programs (for XP), or Programs and Features (for Vista). If there is any HP Software related to the AiO, go ahead and uninstall it.

List of HP softwares that may be removed: note: do not remove anything aside from softwares that belong to this list.

  • HP Imaging Devices Functions
  • HP AiO Drivers (i.e. HP OfficeJet J4500 Series)
  • HP Photosmart Essentials
  • HP Solution Center
  • HP Image Zone
  • HP Photo and Imaging Gallery
  • HP Software Updates
  • HP Share to Web
  • HP Director
  • HP Memory Disk
  • OCR Software (Optional)
  • Shop for HP Supplies (Optional)

d. Delete the HP Folder (or Hewlett Packard if it is an old AiO) located at C:Program Files. If it’s an HP computer delete only Digital Imaging folder inside the Hp folder. If you are having an access denied message restart your computer and try again. If you still cant delete the folder try renaming it.
e. (This step is Optional.) Check if all the HP Services have been uninstalled, run SERVICES.MSC search for:

  • HP CUE Device Discovery
  • HP Network Device Support
  • hpqcxs08
  • Net Driver HPZ12
  • PML Driver HPZ12

If services are still there running or with an error like stopping, you may need to remove those manually from the REGEDIT. ( Note: Do not proceed if you do not know what you are doing, you may render your computer unusable if not done properly, instead you may skip this step.)

Location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServices

  • HPQCXS08
  • HPSLPSVC (HP Network Device Support)
  • HPQDD (HP CUE Device Discovery)

Delete the ff if they are present:

  • Net Driver HPZ12
  • PML Driver HPZ12

f. This step is optional yet recommended. If you are not using an HP computer or does not have any other currently-used HP products installed, then delete the HP folder located in the Program files (C:Program filesHP), otherwise please do not touch the folder as it may affect other HP stuffs. Most of the time you cant delete the folder, so i’d suggest you to use  a program called Unlocker.

g. Restart the computer.
h. Install using the downloaded software.

  • SIMPLE HP Uninstall/Reinstall

If it is not that complicated follow this route.

a. Go to Control Panel — Add and Remove Programs”(for XP), or Programs and Features (for Vista). Remove the following programs:

  • HP Imaging Devices Functions
  • HP AiO Drivers (i.e. HP OfficeJet J4500 Series)
  • HP Solution Center

b. Without restarting, install the HP software CD on your computer. A restart should be prompted.
c. Restart your computer and follow on the on-screen instructions when installation resumes.


if you dont have time to this yourself, follow this route.


a. Call HP technical support.
b. If you are still in warranty, then you will be supported for free, HP tech support will fix the problem for you. However of you are already out of warranty, there is a Support Fee (around $35-$50). I you can’t afford HP’s service’s, you can try our technical support here.

  • Bill

    I have been uninstalling and reinstalling forever! This tutorial helped me fix my problem..

    thanks to the author.

    • Rodrigo

      Thanks a lot!!!!!!!
      I did the first tutorial……I was trying for a week, but only this tutorial help me, thanks again.



  • Curious


    Specifically, what portion of the tutorial?

    • Bill

      The “I dont want it to fail part” fixed my problem.

  • Joel

    I’m using an HP Laserjet 1007. There is no Util folder on the cd. I’m still searching for a manual ininstall fix. Do u know the name of hp drivers in System32 folder?

  • Nikolai


    you may download and install this driver. it should fix your problem…

    laserjet 1007 driver

  • Ian Murgatroyd

    Finally was able to uninstall the HP printer using this procedure. Thanks

    After getting , Windows No Disk C0000013 75b6bf9c 475b6bf9c 475b6bf9c
    Exception Processing Message only when I connect to the HPC7280 printer.
    I uninstalled the printer following the recommendations here. ( Using the utility on the CD) I still get the Exceptions message.
    I suspect this has to with the USB flash drive on the printer.
    Any ideas how to get rid of this error.


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  • Mike

    Thanks! Followed this guide and I managed to install it on Windows 7 RC1. Before I launched the installer, I went to right click > properties and changed compatibility mode to Windows Vista, and ticked the “run as admin” box. Note that I did get an error at the very end when it was “configuring printer settings” and was stuck at 96% for ages, and I get an error message, but it still managed to work after, so that’s fine by me.

    • Nikolai

      Your welcome! It’s good to know it is resolving this issue..



  • Hef

    Spent hours trying to uninstall. Doing it this way was a snip. Absolutely brilliant. Perhaps I should send a copy to HP!!

    • Nikolai

      Thank you for your comment Hef. YOur comment shows how effective this document is.



  • Guilherme

    Man, this tutorial saved my life.
    I’ve done everything do get the scanner back to work, and only your tutorial could help me.
    Thanks thanks thanks!

  • Jane

    OMG. You guys ROCK!!!!! I tried everything and thankfully found your website. The “I don’t want it to fail” process was easy and, more importantly, it worked!!!!! How can I ever repay you? Do you take donations?


  • Jane

    OMG!!! You guys ROCK!!! I’ve been without the use of my AIO for MONTHS. Thankfully found your website. The “I don’t want it to fail” process was easy and, more importantly, it WORKS. I’m bookmarking your site for the next time HP screws something up. :-) How can I ever repay you???? Do you take donations?


  • David Binko

    I used “I don’t want it to fail” and not only did my Photosmart C5280
    install with the latest HP package, it’s the first time the scanner has ever really worked right. I wish I’d had the procedure three months ago.
    I have no idea how many unsuccessful install attempts I made before, only
    to have your procedure work the first time I ran it. Thank you for the new AIO.

  • John

    Thanks V much for this guide – reaaly helpfull. Enabled me to uninstall corrupt D2560 drivers and software.



  • David Binko

    My register cleaner disables my HP Photosmart C5280, so I reinstall more often than many users. I customized the no-holds-barred reinstall
    procedure to my own needs. The result is quick and virtually foolproof
    reinstallations. It grieves me to recall how much work and frustration I
    experienced before I found your site. Hint: Download HP software to desktop for convenience.

  • Joan

    HP solution Center is sending me over the wall. It has corrupted my windows installer so it comes into action everytime I scan, copy or turn the retched machine on. Worse still I have tried to remove/change HP Solution Center but prog just sits there. Cannot get rid of it.
    Thanking you for our time and attention

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  • Tommy

    Thanks for the article. It worked for my psc 1410 printer. It’s always nice to find someone who knows what he/she is talking about and not just guessing.

  • NaYa

    you know what? I love you… the “I DONT WANT IT TO FAIL” way saved me…
    I was uninstalling and reinstalling for 2 days before that…!
    Thank you very much!

  • Alexander

    I did step I DONT WANT IT TO FAIL .

    Then I tried to install Full Feature Driver for HP OfficeJet J4580 for Windows 7 64-bit.

    It freezed on final stage of configuring device and then eventually displayed me “Fatal Error during Installation” with path to hpzsetup.exe as a heading.

    Next – it had collected error logs, sent them to HP and prompted me to unistall all HP software.

    Basically – it was the problem that lead me here…

    I don’t know what can be wrong with me.

    P.S. Windows 7 was installed as an upgrade from Windows Vista.
    No other compatibility issues were detected.

  • terry

    just tried I DONT WANT IT TO FAIL uninstall.. gonna try to install the software from the website now.
    HP Photosmart C5380
    The software from the website has not been working in the past and the software from the disc creates its own problems.. once it is installed i can never print directly on cd/dvd because the computer doesn’t recognise the device! yet i can still print and scan and in solution center it states that my device is ready to use! this has been driving me mad for months.

    well here goes the install from the website… i’ll let you know..

  • terry

    Very strange, the software has extracted but i dont get the choice of install or custom install! it says welcome back!
    i get these options..

    Install more software
    read me
    add a device
    exceptional online offers

    its the same as it was before i used you’re advice. after installation the i only get solution center and when i click it it not found? very strange.

    • Nikolai

      You can choose add a device.

  • bill smith

    You should choose to add a device. That will probably solve the problem.

  • HJAA

    i still have a problem!! i did everything in this tutorial and i cannot unistall the drivers from my HP deskjet F380! it says that i have the latast drivers on my pc when i run the installer! help me please!
    this is my mail:

  • Hef

    To HJAA try the following link the microsoft uninstall utility may be what u need..

  • Dave Binko

    Thanks for the Technet link, Hef.

    The ‘Must not fail’ has worked well for me many times, until I did a clean install of XP and all three service packs. The ‘Found new hardware’ wizard is a royal pain. I finally let it have the original install disk and it first coughed up a ‘failed installation’, then it finished installing anyway. At least the C5280 prints. If the wizard doesn’t get the disk and I cancel it instead, it freezes the installation at that point and keeps coming back. If anybody out there
    knows how to disable that wizard I’d sure like to hear about it.
    One more thing…Revo Uninstaller saves my tail on uninstalls on a daily basis, maybe my most indispensible single program.

  • HJAA

    thanks Hef but i try it and dont work for me! the support of HP cant give me a solution too!! help please! i need to use mi printer!

  • Daren

    Hi there,
    My HP laptop having problem operating Microsoft Excel 2007. It always pop up the message ” Microsoft Office has encounter a problem and need to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience”; whenever I try opening a file from email and C:.

    I know that the error message is pointing to my HP printer driver, because the Printer setup always pop up before the error message appear.

    Anyone here could help?


  • Michael D.

    I was having a problem with hpz12 services not coming back after sleep mode, so I uninstalled according to the above suggestions (including deleting registry entries for hpz12 services), and then reinstalled the Vista drivers for HP PSC 1401. But the hpz12 services did not reinstall with everything else! I tried multiple reinstalls and still nothing. Why the hell wouldn’t those services be re-added to the registry and come back on with a reinstall? Something is screwy.

  • Tammy

    GREAT JOB! Tried almost everything.. Finally found your site and it worked, thanks

  • LDKit

    Will this work for Mac?? I have a MacBook running 10.5. The printer worked fine when I was under 10.4, but since my upgrade, I can only print, cannot scan, and the startup assistant (which launches every time I restart my computer – very irritating) cannot complete its task and leaves an error. Anyone seen this before?

    • Nikolai

      No. This does not work on Mac Computers.

  • Jane

    I had great success with your I DON’T WANT IT TO FAIL option. Do you have any words of wisdom regarding the scanner feature? My AIO is connected through my wireless network and the scanner feature works sometimes and doesn’t work other times. When it’s not working, after clicking on the “Scan Document” button, the HOP Digital Imaging Monitor just sits there and doesn’t bring up the scanning features. When I try to open the utility again I get an error that states “The application is currently in use or unavailable. Close any open programs and try again.” Usually I have to reboot my pc and the AIO several times before I can get the dang thing to scan. Very irritating.

    • Nikolai

      Hi Jane, for intermittent Issues like that, try focusing not on software but on the printer. It is highly possible that the printer does not get enough power. To ensure sufficient power make sure the printer is connected directed to the wall outlet.

  • Tom

    Hi, I went down the ‘don’t want it to fail route’
    I’ve downloaded the post script driver from the HP website. It has a .exe to unzip itslef but then no further .exe files.

    How do I get the install underway?

    Thanks in advance

  • Tom

    I went down route 1
    I downloaded a post script driver from HP for windown vista. It is a zip file with a .exe to unzip itself. I can’t see the .exe to initiate the install.

    How do I install from here?

    Thanks in advance, Tom

    • Nikolai

      The intallation files are located in the temp folder.

      Click on start – run – and type in the box “%temp%” to go to temp folder. Locate the folder that starts with “7z…”. E.G. “7z6nC”… The content of the “7z…” should be the same with disc’s.

      There is a file with an Hp log on in named setup.exe. Run that file.

      • Tom

        Hi Nikolai, There is nothing in the temp file; 7z. The driver unzipped to C:HPCLJ3800, but I can’t anything called set up in there.
        Any suggestions?

        • Nikolai

          What is the model # of your HP product?

          • Tom

            HP Coor LaserJet 3800

  • Dave Binko

    A while back I copied the “7zS*** install files from the temp folder to a
    dedicated folder on the system root. It simplifies install and uninstall
    processes and only needs to be updated once in a while. When I must uninstall, I start with running the setup.exe file, which in my case is a good first-round uninstaller. Revo Uninstaller Pro, which I finally bought, is a very useful tool for uninstalling, too. I use a C5280 all-in-one and live with the inconvenience of reinstallation because when it
    reinstalls properly it works well. On my income, it has to.
    I no longer follow “Must not fail” verbatim, but it was the first reinstall process that actually WORKED for me, and I’m still getting useful bits of information from this site.


    • Nikolai

      I am glad you find this page helpful Dave. If ever you encounter problems, do not hesitate to ask for help, ok?

      • Wilson

        I tried your “I dont want it to fail” on my Deskjet F2120 that I am using on Windows XP Home Edition, but somehow when I tried to click on HP Solution Center, it still keeps saying “No HP device is detected, HP Solution Center will close”… Any suggestion?

        Thanks !

  • Mark

    Thankyou had to do the whole lot including Deleting Hp folders in the via Regedit. HP couldn’t help me. Working properly again. Amazing.

  • UC

    I tried to follow “I don’t want it to fail” but it didn’t work. I have a Scanjet 3800 and an OfficeJet 4355 (All-in-One) and my laptop runs Windows Vista.
    I don’t have the disc for either device and my temp directory did not have a subfolder with a name starting with “7z”, so I had to skip that step. However, I uninstalled all HP products from the Control Panel/Programs and Features, deleted the HP folder from Program Files and removed HP services via regedit.
    When I try to install HP software anew, it informs me that the Solution Center is already installed and only installs the drivers.
    Any advice?

    • UC

      I found the problem. I missed the part in step (b) where you explain how to run installation program up to a point to make sure that HP uninstall scripts appear in the temp folder. When I did step (b) properly, everything worked. Thank you!

  • NJ

    Thank you for detailed instructions

  • Rickem

    Thank you. I have spent many hours trying to install the software. I found your site and tried “I Don’t Want It to Fail.” It worked the first try.

  • HK

    We have an HP officejet d135. A few weeks back, we had a malware infection that a friend helped remove, but printer files (not sure which ones) were corrupted and removed as part of the process.

    I am attempting the “no fail” option and the CD does not seem to contain the utilcccunistall series of files suggested. When I attempt to download the driver from the HP website, an error message pops up that the “installer has detected that you have already completed the installation of this software”. Thank you for your help.

  • Handydan

    After being rung out and just sick and tired of all of the HP “fixes” I was seriously considering throwing my $450.00 hp L7680AIO out the window. Your organization is to be commended for a fine job on offering a resolve to a problem the manufacturer did not seem to know a thing about or wanted you to pay for the solution. The I did not want it to fail worked exactly as described and I’m a somewhat happy HP printer owner, although I will not buy another.
    Thanks again for the help

  • krugman

    Thank you so much. This helped a lot

  • Mister Dave

    Nikolai! Thanks for the blog your post makes a lot of sense at gets a the core problems. I can see the logic of the steps but unfortunately they have not worked for me. I am having the same uninstall/reinstall issue as everyone else with my officejet pro k8600dn wireless A3.

    Loading the files to temp is a neat trick! However, in Util>CCC there were no uninstall files, just a load of folders with self extracting cabinet files inside. When I try and remove from add/remove programs nothing happens. I have removed the drivers, deleted the Programfiles>hp folder and Programfiles>hewlett packard as well. I have dug into regedit and found a few offenders there… there was no HPQCXS08, HPSLPSVC or HPQDD but NET and PML driver were there and i deleted them.

    There are a few more files in the registry that may be relevant
    - ‘hpn’ contains a subfolder ‘parameters’ which conatins another ‘pnpinterface’ and ‘device’
    - ‘HPZid412′ contains a subfolder ‘security’
    - ‘HPZipr12′ contains a subfolder ‘security’
    - ‘HPZius12′ contains a subfolder ‘security’

    If you have any insights I would really appreciate hearing them.

    thanks for this great blog :)

    Mister Dave

  • Mister Dave

    p.s. if i choose ‘add a device’ it gives me the option of ‘wired’ or ‘usb’ but not ‘wireless’ so it thinks I have a working wireless installation and I think the key to solving my problem lies in removing that information. I guess it is in the registry somewhere?

    If I install it as a USB might this have the side effect of repairing my wireless driver?… I am going to try that now.

  • Mister Dave

    Well I tried a few more things, including deleting all HP related .dll files in system 32, installing and removing similar printers hoping that they would clear the way but all to no avail.

    I tried searching through the %temp% file again for the util>ccc uninstall files, and there they were! :) I think i must have extracted the basic driver software the first time around and the files weren’t present. or perhaps they were hidden before? I don’t know.

    Anyway the uninstall l1, l2 and l3 worked a treat and the system no longer thinks I have it installed. So the path is clear to reinstall.

    I have a new problem now – fatal error specified port is unknown – so i will try and solve that now.

    Feel free to publish or not publish this journey of incompetence I am on – and thanks for the help.


  • Mister Dave

    me again – by looking through excellent blogs like this one I found down the following solutions to three problems i had, and I am posting it to a few blogs so sorry if it repeats info a little.

    I have struggled for days to fix my HP printer installation.

    I had quite a few issues
    1. I could not uninstall a corrupt installation, the following actions did not solve the problem:
    a. ‘uninstall’ button on the software failed
    b. the ‘remove’ button in add/remove programs
    c. deleting the printer icon from ‘printers and faxes’
    d. deleting the ‘HP’ and ‘Hewlett Packard’ folders from C:programfiles
    e. deleting the .dll files related to hp in C:/windows/system32
    f. exploring run>regedit>HKeylocalmachine>system>currentcontrolset>control>print
    and deleting HP related registry entires
    Solution – if you have a CD
    Explore the CD for Util>CCC and in that folder you should find files called uninstall-L1, Uninstall-L2 and Uninstall-L3. Run these ones by double clicking and when the command box comes up (black box with white writing) follow instructions. Do all three uninstalls L1 to L3 and then reboot comp.
    Solution if you don’t have CD
    Download the full version of your driver from hp support. Load it, then cancel the installation. Now go to start>run and type in %temp% This will bring up the temporary files in your comp. one of them will be a folder starting 7ZS. If you have more than one, delete them all from temp and then repeat the previous step. Now there will be one folder starting 7ZS. Open it and follow instructions above as if you had a CD.

    2. When trying to install it wasn’t giving me the option to do a custom install, and the installation failed as well (It said fatal error and then a string of gobbledygook).
    Solution – go to C:/Windows/System 32/DRVstore and remove all HP related folders. I was a bit scared to do this so instead of deleting I cut them and put them in a quarantine folder on desktop. This gave me the custom install option (say no to the customer participation, print mileage, shop, and auto update) and the installation went further
    3. The installation didn’t complete, it said ‘The specified port is unknown’ and to fix this one I used Smokey’s post above
    click start>run>type in cmd then enter…in the command prompt window type
    set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1… then type
    start devmgmt.msc

    device manager should pop up… click on view and show hidden devices.
    clean out all greyed out printer keys, then clean out out all greyed out usb devices.

    Now reboot and let windows find the usb hubs if any….
    None of the above info is mine, I have read around 30 posts from 6 websites. My thanks to the clever people who thought of these things, all I did was try it all, and then write down what worked for me.

  • Russ

    I must have gone through the uninstall/install routine with different variations about 15 times before I found this website. These steps worked for me. I’ve never had so much trouble installing software. It was actually a re-install. I had some virus issues and just re-installed everything, but the HP software was a huge pain. You’d think HP would be able to do something about this. You shouldn’t have to jump through all these hoops to re-install software.


  • Debbie


    Has my HP printer ruined my pc ? I have an HP D7160 on which the black ink ran out. I’ve replaced it with a new OEM cartridge. The printer shows no errors but any document I print leaves any black typing totally blank. The problem now is that if I divert to my Canon printer exactly the same thing happens! I know the Canon prints ok on my other pc. However , that pc will not print black on the HP. If I copy files from the rogue system to the working system the files happily print black using the Canon. I.e. the files are ok but something’s gone sadly wrong with the rogue system. I’ve tried uninstall/re-install but the same thing happens. You mentioned that Uninstall-l4 could damage the pc. Dare I ask what gets damaged? I’m loathe to re-format , especially if the HP has damaged some internal hardware on the rogue pc. Despite having spent a fortune on a complete set of OEM carts I am inclined to ditch the HP.

    Any help would be very gratefully accepted.


  • Mister Dave

    This might help… which says-

    “just copy spoolsv from C:WindowsServicePackFilesI386 and paste in C:Windowssystem32″

    it sounds to me like your print spooler is dodgy. I had HP problems and it had damaged my print spooler.

    let me know if it works, good luck!

  • Mister Dave

    p.s. you might need to reboot after you have copied the file into system32

  • Robert N

    Wow, Thanks for the information. I tried numerous attempts, and untold hours, using the trouble shooting methods provided by HP, and experienced nothing but failure. I was at the point of throwing the product in the trash.

    I then found your Web site, followed your instructions, and succeeded on the installation of software for my HP 2610xi on the first try.

    Thanks again

  • Jackie

    I followed HP’s troubleshooting guide when the scanner in my All-in-One stopped working. I followed all their steps with no success. I then uninstalled and reinstalled many, many times following HP’s instructions – Nothing worked. After four days of this, I was ready to just go buy another printer because I had no idea what to do, or what was wrong. When I googled the problem, your website came up among others. I went right to the “I don’t want it to fail” instructions. It worked!!! Very clear, very easy to follow. Now, why couldn’t HP do this?

    • Nikolai

      Hi Jackie, I am glad everything worked out for your all-in-on printer this New year! happy new year!



  • Jim

    My printer problem (HP 6940 deskjet) is that after EVERY print job it prints a test page. I’ve tried everything and now tried your complete uninstall. Unfortunately this didn’t help either. The various websites say the printer must be stuck in “setup” mode and thinks the setup is not complete but surely this would be fixed by completely uninstalling and reinstalling with latest software.

  • Tammy

    I use Windows 7 and I have an HP Photosmart Premium all-in-one printer.The first failure issues arise with Solution Center mainly. This is the only fix that worked! My hp devices would not uninstall and could not be deleted until I followed the “I don’t want it to fail” steps. But one note that I have to add is to first delete “Flash Player” from the computer, which can be reinstalled later. Apparantly the culprit to the whole problem is incompatibility with FlashPlayer. After a certain amount of time, the two programs become incompatible for some reason. In the past, I’ve been able to use the normal install/uninstall with HP to get it back on track when FlashPlayer causes system failure, but this time it was all locked up. It could be that the latest version of FlashPlayer is harder on the HP devices. Of course, I will eventually run into this same problem when I reinstall FlashPlayer, but now I have a solution. Thank you so much.

  • Dave Binko

    I use Revo Uninstaller Pro (the paid version) for a great many things, including reinstalling my antique C5280 all-in-one. I also use a custom install cd of my own making.
    1. The cd: In run box (start menu) run %temp% and empty it.
    2. Open the driver files I have downloaded and stop the process when the ‘install’ screen comes up- just click the X in the lower left corner.
    3. In the run box again, run % temp% and there you will see the whole installation files. Use your favorite cd burner app (I use Imgburn) and
    use the files in the temp folder to generate an .iso install cd of your own.

    Next, I use the Revo Uninstaller to remove everything it can find in the way of printer files.

    Now, open your newly made install cd and find the ‘Utilities’ folder, and browse until you find the uninstall_4 icon. It’s a .bat file. Run it right to the end, as this will clean out anything that must go that Revo Uninstaller may have missed. It is VITAL that the registry be as free of HP printer as possible. L_4 will do that.

    Now, This is mandatory. Boot your computer into Safe Mode and go again to the run box in the menu and run msiexec /unregister , then msiexec /regserver. Both times you will see turmoil on the desktop. This procedure re-registers the microsoft installer, and not much of anything will install if the re-register step is left out.

    Now, run the install cd or downloaded software to install the printer NOT plugged in until the program prompts you to be sure the printer is on and connected OR install as instructed as if you couldn’t connect the printer now. The installation program will tell you how to do that, too.

    My success rate with the preceding procedures is well over 9 out of ten, and it has never failed on the second try, so far. This process evolved directly from material I found in this site, and I would encourage anybody with HP printer re-install problems to visit often until you prevail. Making the install CDROM is the only procedure that doesn’t
    come from here, and I may just have missed it if it was mentioned here.

    I am too old to be a child of the cyber-age, and if I can come up with a working procedure, anybody can. I used this site and inborn bull-headedness. You can too.


    • Nikolai

      Thanks Dave! Im very glad this page is still helping a lot of people even after two years! :D I hope every one else can contribute too, just like you..



  • Steve Pietroske

    HI. I was having problems with my networked HP Photosmart C7280 and our main networkd PC. It was failing to recongnize it. I tried uninstalling the HP software using the HP directions and then reinstalling using the latest full software from HP’s site. The intallation process fails after step 1. I saw your “I don’t want to Fail – HP Uninstall/Reinstall” post and tried all steps three times without success. I even tried it after uninstalling Flash Player like one user did above and also turning off my Acronis virus protection during install. I know it must be remnants of the original intallation in Win 7 that perhaps the original steps don’t address.

    Are there any suggestions anyone can give me to try? I am running the following:

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit OS
    Service Pack 1
    Acronis Internet Security 2011


  • Phillip Roth

    I followed the “I Don’t Want It To Fail” routine and failed. I even deleted the 5 registry keys noted. When I tried to add the printer I got “The specified service does not exist as an installed service”. I checked the “Services” and could not find any of HPQCXS08, HPSLPSVC, or HPQDD. I don’t know where to look for Net Driver HPZ12 or PML Driver HPZ12 but if they are supposed to be in services, they are gone also. Here is some info if necessary: WinXP Pro SP3 trying to install HP Officejet Pro L7680 All-in-One form softawre downloaded from HP website.

    Current work around that I am using from same HP website download was to install printer on another computer on home network and use GoToMyPc to do printing and scanning. It works but is painful and stupid. Any help appreciated.

  • Phillip Roth

    Someone PLEASE help me !!!

    March 27, 2011 at 11:08 am

    I followed the “I Don’t Want It To Fail” routine and failed. I even deleted the 5 registry keys noted. When I tried to add the printer I got “The specified service does not exist as an installed service”. I checked the “Services” and could not find any of HPQCXS08, HPSLPSVC, or HPQDD. I don’t know where to look for Net Driver HPZ12 or PML Driver HPZ12 but if they are supposed to be in services, they are gone also. Here is some info if necessary: WinXP Pro SP3 trying to install HP Officejet Pro L7680 All-in-One form softawre downloaded from HP website.

    Current work around that I am using from same HP website download was to install printer on another computer on home network and use GoToMyPc to do printing and scanning. It works but is painful and stupid. Any help appreciated.

    • Nikolai

      Hi Phillip,

      I can help you. Would it be ok if I take control of your computer and hopefully fix this issue for you? Just let me know so we can set a schedule, don’t worry it’s free. I am available during Saturdays, Sundays and weekdays 1am – 5pm Central time.



      • Phillip Roth

        Hi Raphael,

        Thanks for responding. While I don’t want to seem ungrateful for your offer or question your veracity, I am a little queasy about letting someone take control of my computer. What are your thoughts about that ? Could you give me instructions to follow about what you would do if you could look at my computer ?

        Thanks, in advance, for taking the time to answer,


        • Nikolai

          Good day Phillip!

          I understand your security concerns. To be honest, I really can’t tell as of the moment. If the above solution did not help, then there maybe some other factors affecting your installation. Basing from the error message that you posted, it possible that the “spooler” or “network devices support” service is faulty. You might need to fix these. Other third party softwares may also affect installation, you might need to run the installation at selective startup buy temporarily disabling all non-microsoft services and programs. There are also hp utilities you can use to diagnose your issue. “print diagnostic utility” “scan diagnostic utility” and “network diagnostic utility”. Try using these.

  • Hamilton Whitney

    I’ve posted this on bleeping computer but have not gotten any useful responses. Perhaps those here can help me. Ok, so when my old printer at work died recently I replaced it with an HP Color LaserJet CP2025. It seemed to install correctly but when I printed things – I think just from Adobe software like Photoshop (we have CS5) it would give me a PCL XL error. Sometimes it would print correctly, other times it would print the error. Also when I tried to print a custom sized page under 4 inches wide it would print blank. It also took forever to print even a Word Doc. I contacted HP and they had me install a univeral print driver. Then when I tried printing from Photoshop it would only print partial pages and leave off text. It also kept popping up with bizarre errors like Photoshop is not compatible with this printer and things of that sort that I had not seen before. I gave up on tech support for the time being, uninstalled the printer and reinstalled it. When it got to the part where it is setting up the device, it hung for a while, and then eventually failed, saying device setup has failed to complete. I could still print from it, but it recognized the printer as the wrong model number (CP2024) and had weird issues like not letting me print a PDF unless I clicked printer preferences first – which also no longer had options listed like before other than factory defaults – and it prints whatever number of copies was previously entered even if I changed it. I then deleted/uninstalled every HP software from the PC and did a clean install. It is now recognized as the correct model, but every time I get to the part where it is setting up device it hangs and then fails, and all the odd problems are still present. I contacted tech support again and after talking forever the only thing they fixed was the slow printing by having me switch to a shorter USB cable. They concluded that it is “An operating system problem” because I am able to successfully install the printer on a laptop. Both the PC and laptop are running XP Pro, though the laptop is SP2 and the PC is SP3. I can’t test Photoshop errors on the laptop though because it is not installed, and it is probably too old and slow to run it anyway. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the printer many times, including on the administrator account, from the disc and from the drivers tech support had me download. When trying to use it from the laptop again it did not seem to be working at all so after much convincing that it was a hardware issue I got HP to send me a new printer. Same problem. I’ve tried your no fail solution but those uninstall files don’t seem to exist on my cd. It seems like a corrupt install that will not uninstall because whenever I try to reinstall it always says I am installing the Universal Print Driver even if I am installing the PCL6. If anyone has any ideas please let me know!

  • B Jones

    Initially paid a service to install windows 7 (64 bit ) update for an HP Officejet Pro L7680 on a new computer. It worked perfictly on my old comuter with Windows XP. They installed the basic version. I informed them I wanted the full version and they attempted to install it without success. I was shocked when they stopped and referred me to HP to solve the installation problem. I tried several times to uninstall and install windows 7 (64 bit ) update for a HP Officejet Pro L7680, downloaded from HP (FREE). I continue to be unsuccessful. I used HP Scan diagnostic Utility which stated ” Scan Driver missing or corrupt” I am not a computer expert so I am not comfortable in using “I DONT WANT IT TO FAIL – HP Uninstall/Reinstall” option. Is there some free help I can get to solve this problem.

    • Nikolai

      Are you installing your L7680 printer on a network? or just through a USB cable?

      • B Jones

        Still looking for some assistance with my installation problem. the error message I constantly get is ” The HP Imaging device not found”

  • B Jones

    Just through a USB Cable

  • Dhondi

    I’m getting “the specified service does not exist as an installed service” while trying to re-install the HP Officejet L7780 on a Vista 32-Bit PC using the latest (ver 14, Full) install downloaded from I’ve removed the Services in the Registry, removed all HP Directories, and ran the scrubber utility from HP on levels 0-4.

    No luck. Any other ideas?

    • Hef

      Just a long shot.. I take it you have Vista Service Pack 2 installed as your operating system? (My Vista PC never really settled down fully until that service pack was installed)

  • guarddog750

    Just found your site a few days ago, when this problem also struck me. I’m glad it is still active. I have tried the ‘I don’t want it to fail-uninstall/install’ now at least 8 times and still get the same message. I have done the uninstall/install with the orig cd and the newly acquired download to no avail. Running XPSP3; printer is an HPOfficeJet6110. I have tried everything here and on ‘Dave’s’ links offered here as well. No luck. Any other ideas—although a hammer is coming to mind!!

  • Vikky

    L1 L2 L3 worked fine for me…..after 4 hours …finally this helped me out…thanks a lot….

  • sandy

    this helped me tremendously! thank u!!! ‘I don’t want it to fail’ got my scanner working again :)

  • michael bader

    could use help even via remote to remove HP officejet pro suite
    on XP



  • Brian

    Sadly this didn’t work. Any more ideas?

    HP Photosmart D5360
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

    Driver package: PS_SF_02_NonNet_Full_Win_WW_130_140.exe (latest download)

    I get a fatal error during installation. In addition to the instructions above I searched the registry for additional entries mentioning:
    Net Driver HPZ12
    PML Driver HPZ12
    and deleted them all.

    In additional I checked Program Files, Program Files (86) and Program Data and also User….AppData for any folders named HP and deleted them.

    I ran the other fixit executables from the CD util/ccc/ folder

    I did manage to find this error message

    Error Situation Code 28591516

    The following lines were retrieved from the installation error logs.
    +00000000000020201472|s|Now Launching=X:hpzprl40.exe -inf -m preload_drivers -* “X:autorun.inf” -nosplash -checkPath -I XXX -f “X:hpoinsl6.dat” -Validate No at” -Validate No Failed to add catalog file for
    ‘X:hprdv_u.inf_amd64_neutral_f2327da0664d824fhprdv_u.inf. SetupINFsListedlnDatFile failed with Fatal error during installation. Exit code=1603

    Incidentally I have a X: drive on my system, but it is not invovled in installing HP software

  • Margie

    Hi All,
    I’ve recently done an upgrade to my PC from Windows Vista 64 bit to Windows 7 64 bit. I installed the software for my HP Photosmart C4280 printer, which had previously been working fine with Vista. The first install after the upgrade appeared to work fine. Solution Center opened properly, showing cartridge status and having the scan/copy/print utility buttons all there, etc. However, a few days later, when I attempted to print a web page I was interested in, the printer would not respond to the file/print command from the browser’s toolbar. The printer showed up in the Windows device viewer as being the default printer. The digital imaging monitor was there and active, it just wouldn’t print. SO, SADLY, I followed the advice on the HP support website and uninstalled the software and printer, thinking I could just reinstall it. Big mistake! Now I am stuck in “fatal error during installation” Hell and ready to just pitch the darned thing and use my daughter’s wifi enabled Lexmark printer instead. That would be the simplest solution, but dang it, this bugs me no end! I like things to work the way they are supposed to and when they don’t I am like a bull dog-I refuse to let go of the thing until I can get the problem fixed! This tenacity has led me to your web post. It sounds like this might do the trick, however, I have a few questions:
    1)should I first remove the printer from the windows devices and printers area, where it is currently labeled as the default printer?
    2)since I’ve tried numerous times to uninstall and reinstall the software, will there be duplicate HP installation files still in the temp folder now? Should I delete everything currently in the temp folder first, then start the downloaded software package (cancelling after it opens the installation dialog box), then open the temp folder to find and run the uninstall utilities afterwords?
    3)After running the L1, then rebooting as required, do I then have to go to the temp file each time to locate and run L2, L3 as well?
    4)The BIGGEST issue/concern I have is that when the software instructs me to plug in the printer, windows IMMEDIATELY begins searching for and installing the latest printer drivers. There seems to be no way to cancel this operation. Could this possibly be the reason for the fatal installation error? Is there anything that can be done about this if it is? Even when I’ve checked the box that says ” I can’t connect my printer right now” and opted to plug the printer in after the software is finished installing, as soon as I plug in the printer, Windows begins to search for and install the drivers. What should I do? Any suggestions?

  • Kim Lee

    what will happened if i used uninstall-L4? I intentionally used it because of my frustration, please help me what should I do? can’t install HP deskjet D1600 same error

  • Edward

    Well, guys, I am 66 years old and reasonably computer literate ( first one was a Tandy 286 in 1984 )and quite capable of following computer instructions hopefully to a t and if not, then am able to ask the right questions if need be.. My problem, of course was/is the HP Solutions area installation. Tried absolutely all and everything everybody has had to offer from geeks to sqeeks to HP chat to HP help to HP forums to ” I don’t want to fail”. Sorry to say, nothing has helped I am so stymied. This last pass I even went as far as to try it twice with the CD and the downloaded file from HP…nada. All it did was fatally destruct in a different area of installation; that was different. this D110 printer just refuses to co-operate with the software. My Windows scanning software does work, so the whole thing is not a calamity; the other sections of the software also work; ie eprint, etc. It is just sooooo annoying…. The actual error i get is : ” d:hpzsetup.exe X fatal error during installation ” no codes, nothing. DOES ANYBODY HAVE A CLUE?….:>…!!!!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE JUST FOR READING THIS …Ed

  • Aurel

    Under Windows 7 can not install HP Scanjet 2400.
    When launch setup.exe, I get error “-wStub” “1901344″ and receive error “-wStub” “2229166″ when launch HPZstub.exe.

  • Aurel

    Under Windows 7 can not install HP Scanjet 2400.
    When launch setup.exe I get error “-wStub” “1901344″, and receive error “-wStub” “2229166″ when launch HPZstub.exe.

  • Jo

    Hi There,
    I found the following site is worth to look at too:

    I use this site’s suggestion last night, and works like a charm :)

    • Nikolai

      Thanks Jo! It’s definitely worth a look especially if a user is experiencing printing issues, despite of several uninstalls and reinstall.

  • Pat Barry

    Worked first try.
    Thank you

  • grapeape

    I have a F4400 and I’ve tried everything, scrubbing everything out, installing the full suite, installing the basic, clearing out the C:program files HP folder.

    On a completely new windows I install the basic driver from HP’s site and it gets to 4/8 before the Found new hardware box pops up and wants me to point it to a driver.

    If I hit install automatically then it says can’t find a driver, if I hit search and point it to a location, there is no driver for it to find.

    Please please help me, what am I doing wrong?

  • grapeape

    Meant to add something else, if I let it finish I will get a big green check and it says everything installed fine. Nothing in printers. In the task bar is the remove safely. If I click on that it says Remove F4400 DOT4USB I guess it needs a driver and I thought that I was giving it that with the basic driver or the full package.

  • Koen

    I have a PC with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit SP1.
    Downloaded from the HP website the right exe file for my HP scanjet G2710.
    Extracted afterwards this file with WINRAR in order to get all the separate installation files.
    BUT :
    1) I found no “UtilCCCUninstall-L1 L2 L3″ files present on my computer, only 1 file in the specified CCC folder : hpqrrx08
    2) in the TEMP folder, after having extract the exe, no “7z…” folder either..

    What can I do to get these files ?
    Thank you for your kind assistance

  • Melloney

    Intelligence and simplicity – easy to udnrsteand how you think.

  • Carol Freedman

    I purchased an HP 5510 printer at $70. Within a week it did not work properly. I spent a couple of hours with HP trying to troubleshoot. He finally said it is defective take it back to the store. I did that. I uninstalled it through programs (I run Win7). I now get an error message that some module is missing and the HP cannot start. I spent another couple of hours with HP and they said just let the error come up or I could try to download and install the drivers. With the drivers in the error went away. Then I uninstalled and sure enough the error message came back. I now have to keep the hp printer drivers in to get the error messsage out. This makes no sense. I do have an HP PC. Very strange. Any help here? These solutions just do not totally address my challenge and I do have other HP items in my registry of course. Thx.

  • Cati George

    I have tried both of these options and nothing is working. I don’t know if I have a security issue or what is going on, but when I go to reinstall the software, it gives me a “fatal error” and makes me stop installation. Shows the Temp folder but not much else in the top bar. Can you please help!?

  • Tom

    Danke für Deine Hilfe. Es hat geklappt und endlich kann ich wieder scannen.
    Photosmart B110c

    Greetz from Germany

  • Sarah

    I am having problems uninstalling my old HP Business Inkjet 1200 printer in the printer devices. It keeps showing up even after I have chosen to “remove device.” Do you have any suggestions on how to remove the device permanently? There is no programs in the add/remove that are labeled “HP” so I’m not sure what else to try. Will your “I don’t want it to Fail” work and then just install the new printer?

    • Nikolai

      Hi Sarah! Using the removal utility should work. let me know if it does not.

      - Nik

  • Quentin

    trying to install HP L7580 on new Win 7 for 4 weeks and many nights lost sleep. Tried USB and ethernet usually fails on the finally hurdle configuring so HP Solution Centre fails to install i.e. no fully functional scanner. Can get the full printer software to work and I can ping it over the network. I have tried the suggestions above and a number of variations but I’m stumped. Tried loading in Safe Mode but I cannot get the print spooler to work/tried selective start up. Deleted antivirus software. This printer worked perfectly under XP. The Diagnostic Utilty will only install the printer not the scanner. Any ideas?

  • Robert

    I have had many of the problems mentioned here, but my HP K5400 does print, that is all. Tool box and solution center have never worked since installation about 4 years ago.


  • Ju

    Please, please help, I really don’t know anything about this stuff!!

    When I enter in the Registry Editor, there are some files that are not mentioned in the tutorial, I also have to delete them? So everything which is related to hp has to be deleted? This are:hpzid412, hpzipr12,hpzius12?

    Thank you, for your help

  • Linda

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!
    My HP Officejet L7680 all-in-one has been getting worse over the last 6 months with that darn “checking device” message AND not recognizing new ink cartridges. I tried resetting it several times and repairing it and knew I needed to try a clean install before I replaced the printer….found your excellent instructions and followed I don’t Want It To Fail and it worked like a charm! Printer stopped checking device more than once after initial start and I also discovered one of my new ink cartridges is faulty. I fully expect it to be better than new as soon as I replace that ink tomorrow. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Dennis M

    Now, this is what I call “Looking Out”. It worked at first attempt! Thank You!

  • dan


  • roberta

    I am very frustrated and haven’t seen my problem listed. I have an HP Officejet Pro L7590 that needed to have the software uninstalled / reinstalled. I have followed instructions from a few different sites, (basically the same), and every time I try and reinstall I get a message that I am running a more recent version and I should just plug it back in. I need to know what I’ve missed that keeps giving me that message. Is it a matter of simply rolling back my driver? Any help would be appreciated…Thanks!

  • Mike

    I just had to say thanks, this was very helpfull!Thanks a lot.

  • Tracey

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Tamera Selhaver

    Thank you, I DON’T WANT IT TO FAIL worked for me on 2 different computers which both stopped running the hp printer software at the same time. I can only assume some update caused the problem and uninstalling the easy way just wasn’t working. Saved me a few $$ as I was heading to buy a new non-hp printer. :p

  • Matt

    Thank you for this instruction! The first way for uninstall and
    reinstall is simply brilliant! My HP printer works now with all his

  • Marcel

    This worked! thanks