Solution to HP Error: A required software component was not found or was improperly installed

by Raphael Nikolai on April 25, 2011 and Revised on May 1, 2012

in TroubleShooting


All printer features is working except the Solution Center’s Scan Button. Both Scan picture and Scan document does not work. Each time you hit either of the scan buttons in Solution Center an Error message appear.

Error Message:

A required software component was not found or was improperly installed. Reinstall the HP Photosmart software that came with the device, and try scanning again. When you click the (+) sign on “Show extended error information” you get an error like ( 4,[(2,0,80040154),(0,0,0),(3,56,0)], Error 8 [ (8, 0, 0) ], Error 8, [(5, 0, 0)])

Affected Products:

All HP Photosmarts , Officejets or Deskjets are affected. This isssue isn’t product specific and is more likely to be software related.

Affected Operating Systems:

I have seen this issue on WIndows XP, WIndows Vista, but mostly this error comes in Windows 7.


Troubleshooting this issue is really a pain. Though this problem has been resolved a number of times by following the steps below, there’s still a chance the following solution might not fix your HP printer software. So basically, this is still a Troubleshooting process in progress… In the meantime, why don’t you follow the steps provided below and see it of it fixes your Solution center like it did to other users.

Option 1 – If you haven’t uninstalled the software or still receiving the same error regarding dll file, then try below steps:

  1. Repair/Install Scan.msi inside the Setup folder in your installation disc.
  2. Repair/Install BpdScan.msi inside the Setup folder in your installation disc. You will probably get an errror when repairing BPD Scan, this is normal.
  3. Once you get the error message, take not of the faulty dll file. You need to register it later.
  4. Go to Command Prompt, and make sure you Run it as Administrator.
  5. Now type the following command and press Enter key (in Blue and Red): regsvr32 hpqebpd2.dll. Replace the text in red with the one to noted in step 3.
  6. Restart Computer.

Option 2 – If you have already uninstalled the software, make sure you have uninstalled it completely by following the steps below:

  1. Unisntall the entire HP software using the “I dont want it to fail” procedure in this post.
  2. Restart your computer and Install the HP software. I would recommend using a downloaded one, which is updated.
  3. Once installation is done, check the scanning functionality. If you are still receiving the same error, please follow option 1 above.

If you still encounter the same issue, please make a comment below so we can further troubleshoot the root cause of this issue. By the way, if there’s a way you could you could reinstall windows fresh and install the HP software on, I guarantee it should work, but that is actually your last resort for a fix on this problem.

  • Del Fredricks

    I found that the affected DLL is the same as the one documented in this procedure. I also found that when I try to perform step 5 that I get an incompatible with my version of Windows error and that I should “check to see if it is compatible with an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of regsvr32.exe”.

    As I have only one regsvr32.exe in my system and I am running x64, I suspect that the DLL is a x86. This is verified by extracting the DLL from the cab of HP’s 64-bit distribution as well as their 32-bit one and comparing them to see that the hpqebpd2.dll is identical in all their properties.

    • Julie


      I have the same problem with my printer OfficeJet Pro 7780.
      Unfortunately, when I look into my HP folder (CProgram Files (x86)HP), there is no setup folder and I cannot find anywhere the Scan.msi or BdpScan.msi files.

      I installed the latest drivers downloaded from the HP website.

      This is really annoying because everything was working perfectly until I downloaded their latest HP update to “improve the network connection”. Yes the printer is one I use at work so it is on a network.

      Anyway, any idea of what I should do next?

      • Howieeeeeeeee

        Julie, just in case you check back here, or for the benefit of others who have been plagued by this, I solved your exact same problem. I had to modify the instructions to pertain to the v14.0 of HP’s software I was using.

        I too have an OfcJet 7780 and have put in well over 30 hours trying to fix this via web searching and HP’s NoHelp HelpDesk. They finally told me that Windows’ TWAIN was broken and to reinstall Windows!!!!!! This support desk was in the USA. I would have expected that kind of crappy response from India. I told them to get a real job!

        Here’s what I did (remember, I am running v14.0 of their downloaded software update):
        [1] Go to the root of the directory where you expaned the download. Let’s call mine C:OJ-7780 .

        [2] Go to directory C:OJ-7780SetupScan

        [3] Right click on the file SCAN.MSI and select menu option: REPAIR . (Mine just closed out upon completion without any confirmation/msg).

        [4] Go to directory C:OJ-7780SetupBPD_SCAN .

        [5] Right click on the file BPD_SCAN_CARRIER.MSI and select menu option: REPAIR . I got an err msg saying it neded to locate the MSI file, so I clicked BROWSE to point it to its directory (step #4) & clicked OK (Then, the routine just closed out upon completion without any confirmation/msg).

        [6] Go to Command Prompt, and make sure you Run it as Administrator or are logged in as an administrator.

        [7] Change to directory c:Program FilesHPDigital ImagingBIN
        [8] Now type the following command (caps not necessary) REGSVR32 HPQEBPD2.DLL and press Enter key. Be sure you have a space between REGSVR32 and the file name. If it doesn’t find the file, search for it on your PC and use that directory for step #7.

        [9] Reboot your PC and smile at the magic :)

      • Howieeeeeeeee

        Of course, my preceeding instructions assume that your HP v14.0 software is still installed.

        • steve

          When I go to the setup folder, bpd_scan folder, and click repair on the bpd_scan_Carrier.msi file I get the message “Module C:Program Files (x86)HPDigital Imagingbinhpqebpd2.dll failed to register. HRESULT-2147220473. Contact your support personnel.”

          When I went to the command prompt & typed in the regsvr32 hpqebpd2.dll I received the message “hpqebpd2.dll was loaded but the call to DIRegisterServer failed with the error code 0×80070005.”

          My operating system is Windows 7, and I used the “OJPro7X00_Full_14.exe” file from the HP site

        • devoidx

          I had this same problem on Windows 7 and this is how I resolved the issue:

          For some reason there are files, which, during the installation process seem to be written to only the Administrator account.

          To resolve this situation, I activated the Administrator account and copied the following directories:




          After copying these files, I was able to scan via HPSC 14.

          Hope this helps.