Shop for HP Supplies – Uninstall or Install?

by Raphael Nikolai on January 13, 2009 and Revised on May 17, 2012

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I have been receiving a lot of search engine search asking on how to remove the Shop for HP Supplies application. So this post is really intended for those who are not technically savy who are searching the web for this information. You may ask yourself, “can I uninstall this ‘Shop for HP Supplies‘ software that is included with my Full-Feature HP application without affecting my products’ functionalities? Do I really need “Shop for HP Supplies?“ 

Shop for HP Supplies purpose is to make it easy for users to shop online for HP supplies. It makes sure that you are buying the correct supplies such as ink cartridges, toners, or paper for your Hewlett-Packard products. Having this application on your system does not really harm your computer, it is merely a tool provided for you to use in case you decide to buy HP supplies Online.

Shop for HP Supplies Facts:

Here are some facts about the software. You may want to read them first and see if your hp software is functioning properly.

  • You can actually remove Shop for HP Supplies without affecting your HP products functionalities.
  • The size of is Shop for HP Supplies is only 1.52M.A very small file size.
  • Can I delete the Shop for HP Supplies icon on my desktop? – Answer is Yes.

Uninstalling Shop for HP Supplies:

  1. Select Start.
  2. Select Programs.
  3. Select HP
  4. Select Shop for HP Supplies
  5. Select Uninstall Shop for HP Supplies

Alternatively you can remove it through control panel – add or remove programs (XP) or Programs and Features (Vista) Installing Shop for HP Supplies: Not all people hate Shop for HP supplies, so for those who want to install it. Just Download and install Shop for HP Supplies here. Our Recomendations: Shop for HP Supplies is a very small application. You can retain it in your computer, it will not really consume much of your system’s resources. You don’t have to remove it from your system. Who knows you might want to purchase HP Supplies online? Common Issues: Ideally, Shop for HP Supplies is a very small application but apparently it has been causing a headache to some, by enlarging itself up to 300MB in size and at the same time making itself more worthless… and to add more to this issue, you could not even uninstall it. This issue may be caused by various elements.. It is still unknown, however here are some probable cause of this problem.

  • It could be possible that you have an HP laptop/desktop which also has a Shop for HP supplies software included with it which then caused a conflict with your printers Shop for HP supplies.
  • Shop for HP supplies is like customer participation program. It constantly connect to HP’s servers to check if there are any product surveys available for it to offer you. Now, there is an existing problem with this “client to server thing.” What happens is the client’s side is not functioning properly and is continuously downloading whatever it can download form the server making itself bigger and bigger…

If you are having problems with this software and you could not uninstall/remove it, you can manually remove it.

  • Anonymous

    1. First of all, Shop for HP supplies file size is 253.00 MB

    2. Using the start-programs-HP-shop for HP supplies method does not include an unistall link.

    3. Also using control panel-add remove programs to remove it does not work!

    • Nikolai

      If that is the case, I believe you should download windows cleanup utility and remove Shop for HP supplies for there. Let me know, how it goes…

      • dasco

        Cannot make it go away & have tried about every suggestion there has been online. HP=JUNKKKKK.

  • Angela

    I have uninstalled Shop for HP Supplies every which way possible and have run CCleaner a few times but Shop for HP Supplies still shows up on the Add or Remove Programs list (as well as the HP Customer Participation Program which I’ve also uninstalled). How do I get programs I’ve supposedly uninstalled to stop showing up as though they are still on the computer in the Add or Remove Programs list?

  • robert edwards

    how do i get rid of shop for hp supplies from my computor. it will not ininstall? now i cannot copy pages from computor? it will scan and print but not from computor. our printer is a C4680.

    • dasco

      Just go out and purchase an EPSON printer and your “troubles will be nil.” THAT’s what I did after arguing w/HP’s people who just wanted me to purchase their SAME model all over again (with supposedly BETTER crap in it for guts/software/etc/etc/etc. SHEESH, do they think I am a fool or whattttttttt then!?

  • sandeep

    In my pc “shop for hp supplies” was 118MB, but i had no problem uninstalling it through control panel.

  • Ron

    My shop for hp supplies is about 300 mb, and when I try to uninstall it, it warns me not to, as I will lose the use of my hp printer…

  • Luc

    I just googled when I went to uninstall my 900MB install of HP Shop for Supplies (how rude is that, 900MB?!?!?). The “don’t uninstall me” nag box had me worried, so thanks for your reassuring article. I’m going to go all out to NUKE this disk hogging pest!

  • Snoopycurling

    Whats with H&P?, This shop for hp supplies is a menace,I am (as well as many others,it seems) great difficulty in removing this menace, so much so that the printer itselfe is going in the dumpster

    • dasco

      YES, YES, YES, mine reddy went in the dumpster too!!! Was just a big pile of “GARBAGE” that NEVER did work right from the get-go!. Bought a new Epson and I just love it as it always works correctly.
      IT never has any problems recognizing it’s own ink sources either, LIKE HP ALWAYS does!!! OJ8600 PRO is just JUNK! I NEVER intend tom buy another HP PRINTER EVER!!!! I wasted more time, effort and energy (all to NO AVAIL w/them than I care to think about!!! GRRRRRRRRR to HP!