PhotoSmart C5580 – How to Install Wirelessly (Bluetooth)

by Raphael Nikolai on March 24, 2009 and Revised on May 1, 2012

in TroubleShooting

c55801The PhotoSmart C5580 is a wireless capable printer, scanner, copier all in one. I want to point out that when I talk about wireless I am only referring to a bluetooth wireless technology. This means that you must also have a bluetooth enable computer, which most PC’s are not. You might want to check first if you have bluetooth built-in or a bluetooth adapter installed in your personal computer/Laptop or simply ask your computer manufacturer’s tech support if it is bluetooth capable or not.

How this product was advertised by HP tends to create confusion on the consumers side. People think that this printer is like other all in ones that you can use wireless over the network but it actually uses a different method of connectivity which is bluetooth. In this post, I will show you how to install your PhotoSmart C5580 on your computer for wireless bluetooth connection.

Before you proceed, you can actually connect the PhotoSmart C5580 over the network of four(4) computers but you need an HP USB Network Print Adapter. I recommend this if you are planning to use this printer on 2-4 computers.

Things you need:

1. Installation Disc – This is the disc that came in with the box of the printer. You must also make sure if your operating system is supported by the disc by checking on the disc’s labels.
2. Bluetooth Adaptor / Dongle (for non-bluetooth enabled PCs) – A bluetooth dongle is included with the box which you will connect to your printer. If your computer is not bluetooth capable then you must purchase a bluetooth dongle that is compatible with your system, i recommend contacting your computer manufacturer for buetooth adaptors that they could recommend. Here’s how to check if your computer is bluetooth capable. Go to your device manager by going to:

Start > Run > type in “devmgmt.msc

Check your device manager if you have a bluetooth device installed on your computer. Here how it should look in most computers.


Now, if your computer has an internal bluetooth adaptor then you are good to go.

1. You must first set up you printer. Install the cartridges, align printer, etc… Refer to your printer’s setup guide. If you have already done so, proceed to the next step.
2. Connect your bluetooth dongles. One is connected into your printer and one into your computer.
3. Pair you Devices. Follow the steps below.

On your system tray, right click on the bluetooth icon and select “Add a bluetooth Device.” If the bluetooth icon is not on your system tray try going to control panel and look for the bluetooth icon and add a bluetooth device from there. Or you can Click Start, click Run, type bthprops.cpl, and then click OK.

Most of the time devices connect instantly after adding them….

But sometimes it is necessary to make some changes on the settings to make it work. If you cannot find your device you can add an outgoing port that makes a connection to a Bluetooth device. Make sure you select the “Outgoing Option” and browse the device that will use the Outgoing port that you are creating.

After adding the COM port you may now search and Add a bluetooth device. It should find your device now.

During device pairing a passkey may be required. For convenience you may disable the passkey options on your PhotoSmart C5580 bluetooth options. But if you need security on you product you may specify a passkey of your choice.

After pairing is successful it should ask you to insert the installation disc of your device.

You can now insert the installation disc and select the locate and install the driver option.

The installation window should appear. All you need to do now is to follow the regular installation process and you are all set!