Two Ways to Fix the “Insert PSSWCORE Disc Message” – HP Software

by Raphael Nikolai on June 22, 2009 and Revised on June 13, 2012

in TroubleShooting

Wow! People are still searching for solutions to this PSSWCORE issue, even after 4 years from the date I wrote this post. So I figured, I’d update this post to better assist anyone looking, this year 2012!

This issue usually happens every time you start your computer or solution center, an error message appears, requiring you to insert the ‘PSSWCORE” disc and click ok. I remember back in the days, when I still worked as technical support for HP, this issue was really one of those “easy-to-fix” ones. There are 2 possible causes of this issue.

  • One is, the Psswcore.msi maybe partially installed or removed from your your  computer and windows installer is trying to fix it by loading the windows installer package located inside your CD : setuphpphotosmartcore.
  • Two is, simply, you don’t have it and don’t need it, but for some reason your system is looking for it and is trying to fix it, with a nagging psswcore screen.

So What is PSSWCORE.msi?

Psswcore.msi is an old and obsolete software from HP. It is used by Photosmart printers. Most probably, at this point of time you don’t need it.

How do I get Rid of this Psswcore Error Message?

  • Locate and Install – Browse the windows installer package from your disc. The location should be x:setuphpphotosmartcore, wherein “x” the drive letter of your CD-ROM.
  • No such file (psswcore.msi)? – If you do not have this file in your CD then most probably this from a previous HP product that you have that may be partially uninstalled. You have two options, you can download it below and fix it or you can continue troubleshooting to fix this problem by following the steps in this article, here.

Where to Download PSSWCORE.msi?

You can no longer find the file available online. Luckily, I was able to find one from my archives and have prepared it for you to download.

Psswcore Download for Windows

This software was extracted from an old HP driver CD. It is only applicable for 32bit computers with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 or Windows 8 installed. If it does not work. Please proceed to the next solution above. I guarantee, that it will work, provided that you follow the instructions carefully.

Did We Resolve You Issue?

If no, then feel free to leave a comment below so we can assist you further. If yes, you can give back to the community by making a comment below, stating what printer model and what operating system you are using when you encountered this issue. This will allow us to have a permanent record on what particular models of HP printers is affected by the psswcore file.

  • Ans

    This is ans from hp answers, just here to say hai to you nikolai..


    • Nikolai

      Welcome Ans! I am quite a follower of your site also! Nice blog you got there!

  • darnell

    helpp my hp 2.5 wont download anymore and it says that a program required for psswcore wont run. I have a hp photosmart c5580 all-in-one

    • Nikolai

      Follow the steps above and let me know how it goes. We only provide support after you have done your part of troubleshooting. thank you.


  • Kay

    kann das jemand auf deutsch übersetzen?! ich hab da auch so n problem ich hab keine dateien mehr auf pc und er zeigt mir immer wieder nach dem starten das problem an wie krieg ich das deinstalliert??!!!

    • Nikolai

      Good day Kay. You need to speak english here, so that we can help you. Thanks.


  • Walter

    hey i just bought an hp and its a message coming up when i trun my computer on and it indicates


    The feature you are trying to use on a CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not available.

    Insert the Solution center disk and click OK.

    use source
    1 Browse

  • Daniel

    I have the insert the “PSSWCORE” Disk and click ok. so i put in my instalation disk for my HP Deskjet D1520 Printer. i located the file D:setuphpphotosmartcorePSSWCORE.msi and clicked ok and then it said “the file D:setuphpphotosmartcorePSSWCORE.msi is not a valid instalation package for the product PSSWCORE. Try to find the instalation package “PSSWCORE.msi” in a folder in which you can install PSSWCORE.” so what am i suppost to do? plz help. i tried looking for other files but thats the only one that has PSSWCORE.msi thing.i think it all started when i used HP photosmart eseential 2.5 I think idk for sure. is there anything i could do. plz help. thx

  • Nikolai

    You can download the full feature software from for free.

    • Mishka

      Dear Mr. Nikolai Einstein:

      Thanking you for thoughtful help at this forum. (You are a family member possibly of that famous scientist?) I – rather my computer and Printer – also suffer from same problems here described. After following all support instructions, there is no relief. Thanks, you could please share link address for full free software at Apologies for not complete English speaking.


  • branislav

    My deskjet f 2200 series dont work because cant finish instal with CD!
    On the second part of instal I can read message PSSWORE and then stop instal.Its woork print and copy ba scan dont!
    What I can to do?

  • glenn

    Hi, I have a hpj4585 all-in-one. I cnnot install my printer as it says windows installer cannot install PSSWCORE. Please help.

  • Len

    Fix didn’t work but I’ll work on it.
    Using Vista 32 bit OS with an HP psc 2210 all in one printer.

    • Nikolai

      Hi Len,

      Can you tell me more about your issue?



  • JCDavis

    The problem with passwcore still exists today, and its taken me a couple of hours to fix it with this new 4500 printer. The HP site was no help whatsoever and I wasn’t able to fix it until I came here. So thanks, Raphael. No thanks to HP, though, as this has been the dirtiest installation of any software in a very long time. HP should be ashamed to have let this problem persist for all these years.

    • raphaelnikolai

      Ur welcome. Im glad it helped.

  • Roy F. Carrillo Sr.

    Raphael, I’ve tryed what you said on this page,,but i’m still having the same problem,,,can you please help,,,I’m signing in from face book,,,Thank You for your time…Roy..