HP Fax – Error Correction Mode (ECM) may cause Fax Problems

by Raphael Nikolai on April 6, 2009 and Revised on May 1, 2012

in TroubleShooting

Error Correction Mode (ECM), is one of the features for HP fax machines. This feature is supposed to be correcting transmission errors but sometimes ECM is causing the problems and is not actually doing what it is designed to do. Personally, I do not think that this feature is worth it so I recommend turning it OFF especially when you are having intermittent problems with sending and receiving fax, or can’t receive faxes while being able to send faxes.

How to turn off Error Correction Mode?

In the front panel of your printer,

  • Press the Setup Button. (Wrench Symbol)
  • Press the down arrow until you get to Advanced Fax Setup.
  • Then hit OK.
  • Press the down arrow until Error Correction Mode (ECM) displays.
  • Then hit OK.
  • Press the right arrow until OFF displays. Then hit OK.
  • http://marketpowerLLC.com Jeff Cotrupe

    You’re right. We keep faxing, e.g., 4 pages–feeds perfectly, you watch ‘em go through–then fax verification page reads “OK 3 pages.” So you refax…and this time fax verifier reads “OK 4 pages.” Just got off HPChat and they said “please disable ECM and try again.” When I do that the HP’s little scoreboard says, “Black faxes only.” So I asked HPChat if that means we can only send black faxes, no more color, and they said no, you can still send color. I guess we’ll see.