HP, Compaq and Mini Bios Password Retrieval for Forgotten Passwords

by Raphael Nikolai on February 15, 2012 and Revised on May 30, 2012

in TroubleShooting

Hi Guys! I’m not sure how you manage to lose the BIOS password for your HP, Compaq, or HP mini notebook but I presume it is one of the following:

  • Did you forget the BIOS system password for your HP, Compaq, or HP mini notebook?
  • Did you just purchase a 2nd hand laptop from amazon or Ebay and realized that the system is password protected?
  • Or did you steal that laptop/notebook? If you did, then leave my site now. This tutorial is not for you.
  • For all other reasons, feel free to continue reading the instructions below.

How Tech Savvy are You?

First, I want to know your level of knowledge with computers because if you are the kind of user who understand computers well then I suggest you go straight to dogber1, the programmer who made all this possible, Here and do the code generating yourself. For those who are not technically inclined, I am here to help you. Rest assured that I will do my best to provide you free and prompt technical support.


If you continue to read this article, then you accept to my terms that I did not program the code for generating your BIOS passwords therefore I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the passwords generated through this article (I should say that the passwords I provide has a 99.99% accuracy if done correctly. Thank you dogber1).

Things you Need:

Let’s get into business. Please make sure you have the following at hand.

  • A pen and paper.
  • A working Email.
  • I’m assuming you are on another computer right now, so have the locked notebook ready as well at your reach.


  • Turn off the Locked HP Notebook and Turn it on again until you see the Bios password screen.
  • Once you see the password screen, enter 3 incorrect passwords and take note of the Error codes generated. Please see below.

HP bios password Error

  • Write down the Error letter/number Code and send it to us. You need to register first so we can send you the instructions. I will get back to you with the generated password shortly after you confirm your registration (Usually within 12hours or if you’re lucky, I may reply to you instantly).

For privacy concerns, Please do not post your error codes in the comments section below. But if you have questions or have something to add, testimonials, etc… feel free to leave your comments below.

  • said

    how to shot securty chip on Hp EliteBook 6930p please help me..

  • Eduardo Ramirez

    Hi, I have a HP 425 laptop. After I type the wrong password 3 times it won’t give me the error code. It just says “Authentication Failed”. Can you help me with this?

  • Edward Serrano

    HP Pavillion DV2000 Bios Error Number 06147

    Please send password thanks

  • Dee jay

    hi wood you please help me i neee d the bios pass word [05206] thankz

  • rose rivera

    My password doesnt work please help

  • Don

    My laptop is a HP/Compaq 6730b… and it does not give a error message like those above…. it has a HP style screen with “Authentication Failed” up top… and “System Locked, Press the power button to restart the system”.. BUT no hash code

    HELP !!!

  • Bizhan Faripour

    I tried to enter three numbers, and it locked up as predicted, but I got no error code. All I see is a blue box with “power on password”, and no box to enter anything in.

    HP Compaq tc4400, I believe it was the HP protect tools program.


  • Djangoza

    I have the same problem,… no code! What to do?

  • http://myworld.ebay.com/seacoasttrader LukeScooto

    I have a HP/Compaq 6530b, same as the other guys, and i have the same issue, no code. But is the code just the part number or p/n, or s/n, or serial number? Cause if so they’re printed on the bottom of the laptop itself. Or is this lock on a seperate security chip that would need to be replaced to get around the locked bios? Any thoughts?

  • justmirel

    hp mini 110…CNU9357217

  • butch

    hp/ dv7-3162nr error code 68879364

    please help me!

  • Bronson Robert Foley

    My code is CNU0012M7Q please help!

  • Skender Topilla

    I have a HP 6735b and it does not show any code after three atempts, but it shows an on screen keyboard and than I type again something and it says system locked, turn off and restart your computer

  • inertia

    HI, I have a HP Elitebook 8440p and the BIOS password is lost. I have entered the bios at boot by pressing F10 and it asks me to enter the password. I have entered it incorrectly 3 times and it does not give me any code, it just says “System Locked. Press the power button to restart” All works fine with Windows 7 pro but need BIOS password as the wireless and bluetooth have been disabled in BIOS and I neet to re enable them. Happy to donate if you can help me. thanks

  • Tahar


    I have a HP ProBook and I have an “Authentication Failed” after 3 attemps in Bios. I’m looking for the password and I have tested many things to recover it.
    The S/N is : CNU9390318
    Your help would be really appreciated.

  • Thomas Fuller

    Hi, I have a 6545b with the same Authentication Failed screen with the keyboard and NO code, please advise as to what I can do, thanks for any help :-(

  • paul

    None of these come up on mine ??? just a funny star looking symble

  • darney

    I need help with my Compaq Mini 110, When I startup it requests me to enter CURRENT Password,
    After entering it 3 times I get this message: Password check failed. Fatal Error… System Halted. CNU93536QN
    Is there any way to bypass or disable it.
    Please help.

    • broAhmed

      Hey Darney. There is now a simple online solution for this. Go to bios-pw . org and enter in the error code to receive the master BIOS password. I went ahead and entered your error code (CNU93536QN) and it gave the following password: e9lofqfg59 Give it a try and let me know if it works!

  • khaled aladib

    I need help with my Compaq Mini 110, When I start up it requests me to enter CURRENT Password,
    After entering it 3 times I get this message: Password check failed. Fatal Error… System Halted. CNU9490n18
    Is there any way to by pass or disable it.
    Please help.

  • Abdul-Razak Adam

    hp mini 110
    fatal error…..system halted