How to Reset Hewlett-Packard (HP) All-in-one Printers

by Raphael Nikolai on November 11, 2008 and Revised on May 16, 2012

in TroubleShooting

Is your HP printer and its not printing, scanning or faxing? You may be able to fix it through soft/hard resetting your printer to its factory setting. There are several ways to reset an hp printer which depends on what type you have. You may also need some hp printer code resetting done or you may need to do some power cycling. For more information, follow through the steps below.

Resets for all HP all-in-one printers with keypads:

1. Without turning the unit off, unplug the power cord from the back of the product.
2. Press and hold “# and 6″ keys.
3. While holding those keys plug the power cord back in.
4. Wait until the screen goes blank before you release those keys.
5. Follow on printer screen instructions.

For Box-type models (No Keypads):

1. Unplug the power cord from the printer.
2. Wait for 30 seconds.
3. Plug the power cable back in the printer and turn it on.

Reset HP Photosmart C4200 series, C4300 series and C4400 series Procedure:

HP Photosmart C4200 Series:

  • HP Photosmart C4205
  • HP Photosmart C4210
  • HP Photosmart C4240
  • HP Photosmart C4250
  • HP Photosmart C4270
  • HP Photosmart C4272
  • HP Photosmart C4273
  • HP Photosmart C4275
  • HP Photosmart C4280
  • HP Photosmart C4283
  • HP Photosmart C4285

HP Photosmart C4380 Series Includes:

  • HP Photosmart C4380
  • HP Photosmart C4383
  • HP Photosmart C4385

HP Photosmart C4400 Series Includes:

  • HP Photosmart C4435
  • HP Photosmart C4440
  • HP Photosmart C4450
  • HP Photosmart C4472
  • HP Photosmart C4473
  • HP Photosmart C4480
  • HP Photosmart C4483
  • HP Photosmart C4485


1. Press Cancel and Power, at the same time.
2. Then, the Unit will ask for a Key Combo, press blue, green, gray buttons (in order) for this.
3. “Support Menu” should appear.
4. Go to Resets menu and use the semi-full reset.

Support Menu
(Blue for Up, Gray for Down and Green for OK)

* Firmware Revision (hint:push gray button to move to the next menu item)
* Scan Diagnostics Menu
* Reports Menu
* Print Tests Menu
* System Configuration Menu
* Resets Menu
* Information Menu

Alternate reset procedure (for older products):

1. Unplug the power cord from printer.
2. Hold both o.k and Cancel simultaneously.
3. Plug the power cable while holding the buttons.

Reset for the Photosmart C5100 Series:

* HP Photosmart C5140 All-in-One Printer
* HP Photosmart C5150 All-in-One Printer
* HP Photosmart C5175 All-in-One Printer
* HP Photosmart C5180 All-in-One Printer
* HP Photosmart C5183 All-in-One Printer
* HP Photosmart C5188 All-in-One Printer
* HP Photosmart C5190 All-in-One Printer


1. Unplug the power cable from printer while the printer is powered on.
2. Press and hold OK and HELP buttons while plugging in the power cord. Wait for the screen to go black or blank before releasing the keys.
3. Just turn on the printer and configure your printer new

Reset the HP Officejet Pro 8500A e-All-in-One Printers

Resetting the Officejet Pro 8500A e-all-in-one printers requires you to press a sequence of combo keys. Note that this printer does not have keypads like most OJ pro series printer. Follow the link for instructions.

  • Anonymous

    thank you! It worked

  • Anonymous

    Hey I am a Marine stationed overseas in Japan. I have an out of warranty HP Photosmart 3210 All-in-one. I did the alternate reset procedure and it worked! thanks

    • Curt

      I have a HP Photosmart 3210 All-in-One
      I don’t see a “#’ key on my front panel anywhere.

      Where is the # key ?


  • Nikolai

    it is a great feeling of sensation everytime I here comments from you stating that I have helped you with your product’s problems… Thank you as well!

    • Adarsh

      Sir can you please tell how to reset hp k209a ink level.

  • Anonymous

    This Sucked! None of it worked. My printer the C5150 is a day out of warranty. I called the company and unless I would pay them to tell me what to do they were worthless. They just wanted to sell me a new printer. Great customer support!! I will never us an HP product again!!

    • bob

      The ass hole who put those instuctions in was stupid or a playful bastard. how can you possibly hold the # and 6 at the same time without holding the shift key!!!!!! idiot bastid

  • Nikolai

    i know you are frustrated, but if you could tell us more about your problem then maybe we can provide you with a better solution.

  • Gem Paula

    I have that “reset power” problem with my Officejet 6310 — have no idea how it happened and cannot find any answers in documentation. It sucks! Please help me solve this problem. i would hear any suggestions on how to solve it, please email me @


  • Steve

    How about info on how to reset a HP Photosmart C8180 All-in-One?
    HELP!!!! :)

    • admin

      first of all, may I ask what is the problem the you are experiencing with your C8180?

      • Carolyn Hagan

        I’m having the same problem. The printer recognizes the wireless router, and the computer is connected to the wireless….but the printer refuses to be recognized. My husband has the same problem on his computer as well. I just got my computer; It has windows 7 and for a few hours after installing the required drivers, it worked fine. Then out of the blue, it lost the linksys signal. I had to manually connect to the router, but then the printer wouldn’t work via the wireless. My son even tried resetting the IP address on the printer to a higher number within the acceptable range, but nothing. He read on the forums that this is sometimes the culprit. The last laptop I had also stopped printing via the wireless. You have a major pain in the a** issue that needs to be addressed. Fix it please!

      • Judy

        The touch screen on my HP 8180 does not work?

    • http://rediffmail pravin s badgujar

      hallow sir regarding scanner failure problem on screen for hp photosmart c7288 all in one pl.solve this problem.

      • Pravin

        i didn’t receive any valid help from you,even after performing reset my product is not responding.plz tell me any other steps to service.

        • bob

          I agree with you that instruction is a piece of shit just like the HP c5100 all in one printer. it sucks or outdates carterages by the week…HP making a cash cow … them bastards should be prosecuted for thivery.

  • ali

    my C8180 says ink system failure and is about 1 mo out of warranty. error code 0xc05d1281.

    • Nikolai

      @ were you able to reset the printer with the steps above?

    • Jeff

      Ali, i had the same code show uphoto in my c-8180. Unplug the power from behind the printer, then wait 60 seconds. Hold down the “print photo” and “cancel” at the same time. You should be able to see it with a blank screen for several seconds and then presto! Try again and again if at first it doesnt work. I was able to reset mine just a couple of days ago.

      • Roni

        I did this with a HP Photosmart C7280 and it works fine now.

  • ali

    c8180 doesnt have ‘ok’ button, nor gray, blue buttons

  • Nikolai

    @ ali can you try pressing on “cancel and ok” ?

  • ali

    there is no ‘ok’ button

    • Nikolai

      I have looked into this for the couple of days and the only to reset the C8180 is to unplug the power cord and then wait a couple of seconds before plugging it back in.

  • Robin

    Thank you so much for posting the information here. I have a HP Photosmart 3210 All-in-one and thought I was going to have to trash it. The Alternate solution worked to reset it!

    • Nikolai

      Your welcome Robin!

    • Beverly Sweeney

      I was trying to print pictures on my HP photosmart 3210 all-in-one printer and I was clicking the arrows on the pictures rather quickly. The computer froze leaving the on symbol and 83C00020 on the screen. The slot that held the camera card is still blinking, though the card has been removed.

  • baudav

    Reset the unit C8180:
    1. Unplug the all-in-one from power.
    2. Wait 30 seconds.
    3. Plug in the power only.
    4. Repeat steps 2-4 two more times.
    5. On the third time after plugging the unit into power check the functionality.

  • baudav

    Step Two for C8180: NVM Reset
    1. Unplug the power cord from the back of the HP All-in-One.
    2. Wait for the unit to go to the sleep mode. Wait for 60 seconds.
    3. Press and hold Print Photos & Photo Fix
    buttons simultaneously on the control panel; keep them pressed and reconnect the power cord to the All-in-One.
    4. Continue pressing the buttons until the display goes blank or Reset shows on the control panel display.

    • Nikolai

      Thank you so much for this useful comment baudav. It is really appreciated.

      • Tammy

        Hello Nikolai,
        All-in-One C6180 will not acknowledge new ink cartridge. Have tried every reset I can find on web. uninstalled and reinstall with cd. Will not print. Have been working on this for 3 days now. Please Help!

    • jsaunders

      I do not have a photo fix on my c8180 photosmart? I have tried above fixes but has not worked. Do you have any other suggestions? I am just days out of warranty which is extremely frustrating.

      • jsaunders

        I tried holding down the red eye removal button and the print photos button and it seems to have worked!! Thanks for sharing this fix. Really appreciate it!

        • Moira

          I tried this and it worked. HP helpline HOPELESS, buy a new one, yeah right!!!. Thanks heaps jsauders

        • Tonya

          Thanks, The Photo Prints and Red Eye bottons worked for the C7280 reset.

        • Casey

          Holy crap… finally… something that fixed my stupid “Ink System Failure” error message. Thanks Nikolai and jsaunders for posting the correct reset instructions for the C8180.

    • Henry

      Thanks Baudav, the reset worked for me too. Saved me a lot of trouble and expense.

    • Bryan

      Thank you Baudav, I have looked everywhere to find a way to reset my HP C8180. None of the manuals had anything about it!! I spent at least 12 hours total trying to get rid of that dam error code: 0xc18a0101….
      HP better do something about that problem, they want to charge someone, or get you to buy a new printer. My C8180 is brand new!! Should not have had to deal with this!!!!

      But again, thank you, it is working again…

    • Jeffery

      I also do not have a “fix photo” button and tried the “Red Eye Removal” button instead. It worked, but not that while the screen went blank, no “reset” message was shown on the control panel. When I turned it back on, it started going through the new printer setup routine, so it appears to have worked well. THANKS!!!


    • Professor

      My hero… You are still saving people in 2011! This worked beautifully first time. Fortunately I googled the problem and found you before I tried HP. They are never any help. Thank you!!!

      • Nikolai

        Glad it’s all working for you now..

        • Aicon


          Maybe you can help me, I’ve got an old HP Photosmart 2575 All in One that was working OK up until yesterday. Today it has an error:0x07674dd6 and also the message 1895:lib_barracuda.c showing on a blue screen.

          I’ve tried to reset by holding down the Cancel and Right Arrow buttons while plugging in the power cable but this just brings up the numbers 1 to 5 on a green screen. Pressing the power button on the 1-5 screen just restarts and goes back to the error. Pressing any other button has no effect.

          Any suggestions? They’d be greatly appreciated.

          • stefan


            i have the same printer photosmart 2575

            do you have tricks to reset the inkt level of this printer

            i have tried everything

            please help

            greats stefan

        • kim

          Please help! I have a HP Photosmart C5580 All-in-One Printer. Did the red eye print photo deal, it reset, but still have a check cartridge message. Ugh. It is new ink, the printer utility says I have full ink (until I reset the printer- now it says both are empty) but the printer itself keeps saying check the cartridge. I have cleaned the connecters (it could be a little dusty) on both the printer & the cartridge. It also prints test page fine & alignment, cleaned heads, checked for updates etc. You help could save me $100. Your help is appreciated.

    • annie

      Hi there, can Baudav help me, I’m going mad! .
      I have HP C8180.
      I have successfully reset it by using your Print photo and red eye button method but it still comes up with “unable to scan or print”. Any suggestions my friend?

    • Dominik

      You saved my life! Well, at least my printer. Thank you so much.

  • Ajpnv

    I have one HP Photosmart C5180 All-in-One Printer.

    I solve the problem 0xc18a0101 with your sugestion to make a reset.


    • Nikolai

      I am glad to help.



    • sunny

      that indicates a problem with printer hardware , anyways u can try a reset on mcn
      press n hold print photo and red eye removal
      it would say enter key combination
      then enter red print photo – eye removal – print photo(in this order , no need to press n hold)
      if it workg graet other wise try pluggin it to diff power outlet n directly to surge protector

      • Nikolai

        Thank you for your comment sunny! may I know what model # of printer are you referring to?

      • Jean

        Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have tried the websites before without success. I contacted an online (wannabe) technician twice without absolutely no help. I was about ready to give up. I was sure that the printer was capable of printing but just some driver or similar problem was preventing it. Your suggestion to press the RedEye first and then the Print photos did the trick. It finally reset and works!!!! What a relief! Thanks, Jean

        • Nikolai

          Your welcome Jean!



  • dan

    HP photosmart 8250 with error code oxc18a0406. Would any one help me?

    Many thanks!


  • Ric Ramos

    Please help me with my hp photosmart all in one printer. The printer cannot print, scan, copy and there is annoying sound inside like automatic rifle. What seems to be the problem of the printer.


  • annie

    c7280 ink system failure 0xc190007
    did reset as above still didnt work

    • Nikolai

      If you have al the suggested steps above, then your printer may be on an unrecoverable state , it may need to be replaced…

    • Diana

      I have an all in one photosmart c7280 that will not print and has an error ocx18a0001 ink system failure… it has all hp ink products in (brand New as of today Feb 15-2010 and I am still getting this fricken error… please help…. i to have contacted hp and the wanna be techs keep saying it is the ink… well blame that on HP then because I ordered them directly from them online…. I cannot afford to replace this printer as it is maybe only 2 years old…. I have gone online to get help and have tried every thing that was suggested other than removing the battery because I don’t know where it is… please can someone give me helpful information on how to fix this problem… i just spent over $80.00 on fricken ink… Diana

  • JJL

    HP C5180. After replacing yellow ink, full level ignored. After doing suggested reset for 5180, 2 other known good inks claimed need to replace. tried clearing Device and Initialize. no change. Printing test page shows all colors painting ok. Keeps telling me to replace the full carts. Please help.

    • Herb

      I think you are pretty much out of luck. I have the exact same problem with the yellow cartridge. I was told a while back that it is a known problem with certain serial numbers and that if the unit is out of warranty…sorry but we will sell you another HP printer at $20 above street value if you would like. I tried all of the resets and eventually got to a error that won’t go away. 0xc18a0301. HP did offer to let me pay $35 and they would give me the code to perform a complete reset but they did not guarantee it would work and there would be no refund if it didn’t. I have a lot of HP products, but won’t have any new ones in the future.

  • Hugh

    HP C7280 (with keyboard), error code 0xc05d1281 (not the same code as Annie). I tried the steps three times. I still get the error message and cannot print. Thanks anyway.

    • http://google santi prakash das

      how to reset hp photosmart c7288 printer, please tell me.

  • Tricia K.

    Thank you thank you sooo… much. I save me lots of money. I though I am going to trash my HP3210 because I used a refilled ink (sorry HP inks are so expensive). I reset my HP3210 by hit both “OK and Cancel” buttons at the same time and remove the power cord. Then plugged the power cord back in and turn on the power then release the buttons, and it works like magic. Thanks so much again.

  • Alejandro

    Muchas gracias funciono de 10….

  • florina luca

    After i reset my hp6310 it doesn’t recognized the cartridge?
    What can i do?

  • mikko

    I don´t get my hp c5180 reseted at all!!! I have tried all recomented tricks but nothing happends. It says ink system failure error:0xc19a0024

  • Carlos

    Minha hp 3310, com 19500 impressões, travou com o codigo 0cx18a0307, falha
    no sistema de tinta. Não estou usando tinta original. Resolvi usando:
    reset = ( OK + Cancel)
    Retirei o cabo de força e recoloquei pressionando os botões, a tela ficou
    preta, apertei (ligar), apareceu reconfigurar, (OK) e pronto liberou !!!

  • Ding Regalado

    I have HP Photosmart 3210. I refilled all the HP02 cartridges but it would not work. Do you have any solution for this. Original cartridges are very expensive so I resorted to this option of refilling. Is there a way to by-pass the ink level for this model. I would appreciate your help.

  • Luli

    I was so desperate, and this works to my HP c5180 ..thanks a lot!!

  • Wendell

    Hi I have a HP Photosmart C4400 printer. My power button keeps flashing and it’s not responding. On my computer it says the printer is offline. Help!

  • Jane

    I have a HP c7280 which has the following error code 0xc05d1281 – ink system failure.

    I have followed two set of instructions to reset it – the one above (switching it off with # and 6 pressed) and switching it on with # and * pressed – then following on screen instructions.

    Does anyone have any other ideas – the printer is making a very bad cranking noise :-(

    • Anne Bell

      Hello Jane, I have HP C7280 All in One. I have ink system failure Oxc18a 0406 and it makes a cranking noise as well and doesn’t print. It is driving me crazy.I took the printer to a shop for repair and they said there was nothing wrong with the printer but couldn’t get rid of the error code either. Have you or anyone else managed to clear the problem? My printer is only two years old and I have recently bought a whole new set of inks as it was working perfectly before this happened.

      • Nikolai

        Follow the reset intructions on this page and let us know what happened.

  • Mike from Toronto

    I was having a 0xc18a0306 error on my C5180, after I installed a new yellow ink. I got a new one but the error still came back. Tried a bunch of fixes, but the factory reset did the trick, well mostly. My printer is still not seeing the brand new yellow ink tank. I then tried a factory reset with none of ink tanks in, and it is still seeing the yellow cartridge as empty. Some of the other colours have shown up as low or empty as well just after I changed them.

    Thanks in advance,


  • http://none MoJo

    I have an HP C4450 and it displays “scan failure” every time I start it. I cannot scan or copy but it prints fine. I tried using both reset options above but nothing happens. Any ideas?

    • DanS

      MoJo — was your issue ever resolved? My parents also have the C5180, and it has never been able to scan or copy, even when it was right out of the box. I’ve combed the web and it seems that others have had this problem but it has never been resolved… Thanks

      • MoJo


        Unfortunately my problem has not been resolved. The scanner seems to work for a little while when I unplug it completely for a few hours but then goes right back to the scan failure. It prints without a problem. The reset instructions above do not work for me.


        • E.J

          Hi, MoJo. I also have c4450 and I want to reset ink level but after I saw your comments, I’m kinda worried to reset because it seems your problem might be caused by this instruction, so I’m wondering did you have your scan problem with your printer before you tried this ink level instruction? Let me know. Thanks.

  • Jerry Osborn

    I tried (many times!) the listed procedure to reset my HP C5180 but it will not seem to clear my problem. My error message is Ink System failure error code 0xc05d1281. Help?
    Thank you,
    Jerry Osborn

  • carlos m

    hey i am from puerto rico my name is carlos thanks you for clearly my problem my error 0xc18a0101 and restar my printer the problens is 4 inks neded new gracias por resolverme el problema ese era el error y por lo menos pude imprimir en tinta negra(blac) thanks thans you

  • Daniel


    When I try to start my C7280 it makes a buzzing sound and the display shows the HP-logo with scrolling colors below. After about 15 secs the noise stops att the display shows C2FF0731.

    Could someone please help me?

    Best Regards

    • Chris

      Sorry to tell you this Daniel, but if the Semi-full reset (hold # and 6 when you plug it it), then the unit is basically scrap. I had the same problem. When I explained it to HP they basically said, “It’s too bad that your warranty has expired because you’ll have to replace it.”

  • http://google Mr. Santi Prakash Das

    Again and again I am reseting to hp photosmart c7288 printer, but always printer displays ink system failure, please tell me how can i fix this problem ? Mr. Santi Prakash Das, Cuttack, Orissa, India. My Mob.No. is 91-09338144319 & +91-09338944319.

  • http://google Mr. Santi Prakash Das

    I have a hp photosmart c7288 printer, always says ink system failure, I am already harash, please tell me how can i fix this probledm ? Mr. Santi Prakash Das, India

  • Rondelle

    I have a HP Photosmart C5140 All-in-one. That just one day decided not to intialize. I have done the alternet reset procedure and now the scanner starts to intialize but after a few seconds the error light flashes once and it starts over. Any ideas?

  • Bertha

    Hi, I have an All-in-one 6310 printer with a reset power problem. I have tried all posted before (pluged it and unplugged it for several times, also pressing # and 6 , # and 9, # and 3 , and even Ok and cancel)and nothing seems to work. Is there a solution to my problem? Thank you so much for your answer.

    • Dan

      Did you ever get a solution? I have plugged and unplugged all day and it never changed. Still got a problem.

  • Jennie

    HP all in on C6180 won’t stay on. Turns off after a few seconds. I have had this almost 3 years with no trouble until about 4 months ago and this happened. It had sucked a bunch of photo paper into the printer and after doing the # and 6 it seemed to be okay for a while. Then it started making noises and disconnecting from the network, randomly. I turned it off to let it sit over night and now can not get it to stay on when I turn it on. I have tried. # 6, # 3, # 9, OK and cancel, and OK and help. Nothing seems to work. It turns on and off repeatedly until I unplug it. I have tried plugging th power cord into the wall as well even though I don’t have much else drawing electricity where it is. Please help.

  • roque fernandes

    where to find hp cadridge 350 and 351 in mumbai india

  • roque fernandes

    Is there any other catridge to fit in for hp c44oo printer instead of 350 and 351. where can I find store in Mumbai. Pls forward the info to my email


    Thanks in advance

    • Nikolai

      unfortunately, there are none..

    • Neo

      Try Om Stationery. 23429615.

  • Angela

    Hi there, I have the exact same problem and can’t fix it either. If you get the solution please let me know, my printer is only 1 year old so Im not impressed at all. Good luck!

  • Daniel

    Oh No!! I reset my HP5180 exactly as suggested at the top of this page, and now the power button is just blinking. It’s been that way for an hour and will not turn on. I did not perform any other steps – only the three steps listed above:

    1. Unplug the power cable from printer while the printer is powered on.
    2. Press and hold OK and HELP buttons while plugging in the power cord. Wait for the screen to go black or blank before releasing the keys.
    3. Just turn on the printer and configure your printer new

    Now it’s just hanging there blinking. Help!

  • Brenda

    I have a HP Photosmart C5180 with an error code oxc19a0022. I have tried holding ok and cancel and didn’t work. Any other solutions

  • Brenda

    What did you do to fix problem

  • Nikolai

    Hi Daniel,

    remove all ink cartridges and close the cartridge doors while the cartridge sits outside your printer. unplug the power cord for 1 minute and turn on the printer. let me know how it goes.



  • Brenda

    I already tried this and it did not work.

  • Karon

    had hope when I read about the Marine stationed in Japan having luck.
    I tried the first method with no luck, but by holding the ok and cancel buttons that did it for my HP Photosmart 3210 All-in-One. I have been without this printer for 7 months. thank you, thank you, thank you

  • Karon

    have just fixed my problem after 7 months of no printer. I have HP Photosmart 3210 also. My problem was fixed by unplugging the machine while it was turned on, holding the ok and cancel buttons while plugging it in, waiting for the screen to go blank and then releasing the buttons, the machine went through alot of maintence like 5 times. Then it reset itself.

  • TheITAtheist

    Got error 83c00020 on my HP 3210 one month after the warranty expired. Holding the ok and cancel buttons while plugging it in fixed it. One could easily suspect that this was due to some kind of warranty expired timer?

  • MomKristine

    EXCELLENT! I have really been frustrated with the 0xc18a0001 error on my HP C8180. Did the unplug power, then held the print photo & red eye button while plugging back in & held until touchscreen went blank. Released the print photo & red eye. Then hit the power button which was already lit, took about 5-10 min for printer to go through its set up mode. NOW working!

  • Sublimed


    The Ox error is same as Ink System Failure.There is a document regarding the same on HP support website (c01458034).Its not an issue with the printer hardware, its an issue related to the Print Head in the printer.
    If the unit is Out Of Warranty HP will still support you free of cost if the Print Head is under warranty and will also replace it free of cost.

    So don’t worry even if the printer is OOW…!

  • Nikolai

    Thanks sublimed for the info. I believe all users have the right to know what their options are.

    This comment is true. HP technical support will provide support for in warranty accessories such as inks and printheads and will replace the accessories if necessary.

    Note that if the replacement printheads do not work then most likely it is a printer issue.



  • Mark

    My C8180 makes a terrible racket when starting up (rapid clicking like gears grinding) but is otherwise quiet. Is that normal? Second. How can I make the printer functional (scans, print B&W, litescribe…) without installing color cartridges? I rarely print color photos and all of my carts are empty and out of date. The printer will not work with only a black installed or empty color installed.
    The cancel button is useless, it only blinks.

  • Simon


    The green power light on my photosmart C4480 starts flashing as soon as I turn it on. The screen flashes HP then goes black. I have tried all of the above methods to restart it but none of them work. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Fiona

    Brilliant thanks-worked 1st time!

  • sanjica

    Thank you very much. What can I say… Dont get me wrong but – I love you guys!!!

  • Diana

    Hugh, I have noticed you are having the same problem… but a different error? I have the same printer you do but am getting a 0xc18a0001 error.. ink system failure.. I cannot gt help any where. Did you figure yours out? and if so… what did you do?

  • Daniel

    Any help about the f4480, please.

    • Nikolai

      I believe the F4480 does not have any reset combo available for public… All you can do is Drain the power by unplugging the device from the power source for several minutes.

      BTW, why do you need to reset the device?

      • Sam

        What’s HP reflash?
        It came up for my printer (F4480).

  • Peter Sorrell

    Thanks for the information. It was really useful as HP don’t appear to publish how to “restore to factory defaults”. I was convinced that this would fix my problem with an HP3210, but unfortunately it didn’t. Problem is this: printer powers down completely after about 30 seconds of inactivity. It used to go into sleep mode, which was fine, but it shuts off completely. I’ve tried turning off this feature in Device Settings, but without success.
    Does anyone else have this problem and have they fixed it?

  • Chris B

    C5140 here (less than a month out of a 2-year extended warranty) that essentially keeps rebooting. Power it on, progress bar, some mechanical noise inside, then “!” flashes, screen blanks, and it starts over. I’ve tried your reset procedures and:

    OK + Cancel doesn’t seem to do anything
    OK + Help gives me a “OOB NVM Reset” prompt, but then it restarts

    It has gotten flaky in the past any time I had a power outage, but after this last outage unplugging it no longer resets it. I’m out of ideas and simply can’t afford to buy a replacement. Any further advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Rich W

      Chris- I now have the same problem. after a power outage-did you find a fix?

      • Aleksey

        Rich, I have the same problem. What did you do?

        • Lina

          Hi, guys!
          I have the same problem with my HP 3210, it is making funny noise, and then ! starts flashing… I have tried everything… Any ideas what can help?
          Many thanks, Lina

  • Harri

    I have C5180 and brand new inks in it. But the printer continues telling me, these inks are out of date.

    It seems to be, that there is a clock inside the printer and date/time in it is not correct. That’s why it assumes the inks to be out of date. I have’n yet figured out how to set correct date and time for it.

    Maybe there are same problem with some of you here too.

  • Garry

    The # and 6 key recommendation fixed my expired cartridge date message on my HP Photosmart C7280 All-in-One printer. Thanks!

  • Jennifer Duff

    I have an HP Photosmart C5140 All-In-One printer. All of my ink cartridges have ink and everytime I go to print my computer says that my yellow ink is gone and prompts me to continue in black. Can anyone help me with this?

  • Noelia

    I have a C5180 with a failure in link sistem, i did the reset once and again, and it works, but wasn’t able to print yet, cause every time I try to do it, the message shows up again!!! Should I change all the cartridges? Could someone help me plz?

  • José

    I have a PSC1610 with error:0x04464dd6 1094:lib_barracu, tried to reset with OK+Cancel, obtain “Deriv Clear” message, but the error continues…

  • Jason

    I have an HP C7200 series. Printing and receiving faxes works fine, but it will no longer scan or fax out. I’ve reinstalled the software using updated drivers and files from HP and still nothing. I,ve reinstalled the software and nothing.In may attempts to fix, I have unplugged it and plug it back in. Any suggestions. Please help!

  • alexdj

    Hello dear friends,
    ho can help me to reset my HP C5180?
    Because i tried everything, and i cant reset the print :-(
    He acused the error 0xc18a0301 :-( and i dont know fix them.

    Please help, sorry ma poor english,

    Very thanks, and best regards from Portugal!

  • Nnerdly

    Thank you. The reset fixed my C5180 printer. You are the best. You saved me so much time and money!

    • Brian

      How did you fix printer reset problem HpC5180?

    • Johnny Blaze

      Do you guys realize that when you do the reset that is suggested, your ink levels drop significantly? I’ve done this several times and each time, the full inks I’ve had drops by a lot. I have the same C5180. I found, there is something inherently wrong with HP printers. HP set up their printers this way so people would constantly go and spend valuable money on ink when they really didn’t use it up. Judging by all the complaints I see on several forums, I think this to be the case. There should be a class action lawsuit against this company for the constant low ink levels their printers show. They are raking in tons of money by doing this and they know it. No wonder their printers are cheap, they stand to make so much more money by getting people to buy their inks.

      By the way, everytime, you do this reset, you end up having to do this again in a few days.

  • hbjerkenes


    I have a C4280 All-in-One. I need to use european ink carts on a US bought printer. I do the semi reset and changing region, but get same “cart not compatiable” error.

    Is this reset supposed to fix this problem or is there another solution?


    • Nikolai

      Hi there! There is a one-time reset for this, wherein your “US printer” will be converted into a “European One” however you need HP tech support to guide you through this. Your ink cartridges’ warranty should cover the support.



      • Peter

        Hi Nik, Thanks for running a great site – it opened up new doors as I was close to just giving up and buying a new (non HP) printer. However I am still stuck in the regional issues. In your reply above you mention a one-time swap – is this the region code ? (different from the Language/Region ?) I bought my printer in the middle east – now living in Asia I managed to change to Region Asia/Pasific – but there is still a region code = 8 that I am not able to change. HP will not help as I am out of warranty. My printer is Photosmart C4283. Cheers.

  • Arie

    I have an HP Photosmart C4400 All-In-One printer. I already tried your steps and reset worked, but the ink level status had sign “?” and “Used”. Would you help me?

    • Nikolai

      Where do you see the “?” sign? from the computer?

  • Leilani

    I have a HP Photosmart C5280 All-in-One that is showing the 83C00020 error code on a blue screen. I have tried unplugging the power to the printer. And pushing the “Print Photos” and “Red Eye Removal” buttons at the same time while plugging the power back in. The printer does not seem to reset. Does anyone else have any more ideas for how to fix this? Thanks!

    • Haider

      Hello to all!
      If anyone have problems of low ink or can’t print with HP C5280 maybe will test this method:
      1. press buttons “red eye” + “print photo” (on display “enter special key combo)
      2. then press “red eye” then “print photos” then “red eye”. (on display service menu).
      3. Use “>”-button to find “reset” menu and confirm (OK)
      4. Choose “semi-full reset” and confirm (OK)
      5. Reset will start.
      WARNING: after this reset the HP-software does not report the inkstatus of BOTH cartridges anymore.

      If it’s working we’ll wait for an answer here or e-mail.


      • Anirban

        Hi Haider
        I have a HP c6288 All-In-One. The printer initialize sound comes and then error comes C2FE0100 and mesage comes ” Turn Off Printer and turn on again”. Earlier red eye power and alarm lights were blinking and there was not initialisation. tried to press both red eye and print photo buttons. after that this error is coming.
        Please do reply.Thanks in advance

      • tynk

        Thank You very much..
        off to inkshop to by some thirdparty inks. :)

  • mionfai

    Hi! Thanks so much for posting the information here. I was thinking that my HP Photosmart 3110 All-in-one printer gonna have to trash it. Finally the solution worked to reset it! My lovely printer is working again….:D Thanks again!

    Best regards

  • Chuck

    Thanks! You verified what I learned from the HP chat person. My HP C4400 will have to be replaced. I probably scanned 20 documents over a period of 14 months. There is an internal malfunction that prevents the scanner from working. I was shocked to learn that the malfunction took place with so little use.

  • puntito

    tengo una photosmart c 51000 series que me da un codigo: error Ocx18a0001 (fallo en el sistema de tinta y nmo me imprime nada) por favor si alguien puede decirme como resolver este problema, gracias…

  • Newcy07

    Thank GOD! I can’t thank you enough for this reset – I have tried everything but nothing has worked until now. Thank you sooooo much xxxxxx

  • Kodi

    My hp photosmart c4483 stopped working only flashes green light at the power button. I have tried the reset but it doesnt work. Plz help me!

  • Yann Shukor

    Our C5180 keeps rebooting when switched on.

    The [OK + Help button + switch on] does help get to obtain an OOB NVM RESET, but nothing comes of it. The printer just pursues with the constant reboot cycle.

    The Left arrow + configuration button gets us nowhere at all.

    Could it be a power supply issue ?


  • imran

    hi i av got a photo-smart 309g touch screen… saying ink sys failure… just wondering if any1 cud plz help me out…. thanks a lot….

    • Haider

      Hi, Imran.
      This warning shows that ur printer head is faulty.

  • Barbara

    I am having problems printing pictures on business cards and labels, some pictures come out ok and then the others on the same page comes out with a small duplicate picture over the big picture. On preview on my computer it looks perfect but when it goes to print I have to throw away 4 business cards or labels per page. How can I make the computer and printer talk the same language?

    • Nikki

      I am having the exact same problem with small duplicates appearing on labels and business cards printing on my c5280 all in one printer. Did you ever find a solution to this problem?

  • http://Weblog ANITA

    I have a grinding noise when my printer starts I have reset my HP 6310 All in one but it did not solve my problem. Any other suggestions?

    • Lina

      Hi, Anita! I am experiensing the same issue with my 3210. Please, let me know if you will find any tips on how to solve the problem?!
      Thank you, Lina

  • Xavier


    I have a problem with my HP Photosmart C5180 All-in=One. The error code given is 0xc18a0301. I don’t know what to do. i tried the things above several times, but there is no progress.

    Can anyone please help me?

    Thanks very much in advance,

  • Joe

    How do I reset a C6280 all-in-one printer?? All I get when it’s plugged in is an orange ! light… Is this printer dead?

    • Supermattt

      To reset C6280 ink state to full 100%

      1. Unplug power cord. while the printer is ON
      2. Press OK and Cancel
      3. Plug the power while keep pressing the buttons. The screen goes black
      4. Release all and then Press Power button

      Here we go :)

      • Dan P.

        Thanks Supermattt, This method worked well to correct an ink delivery problem with my Photosmart 3210(error code 0xc18a0301)

      • Jason

        Perfect! I tried a battery removal process I found elsewhere on the web where I unscrewed the side of my c6280 printer removing the circular battery. It took about 30-45 minutes to do and then it didn’t even work.

        Your reset process took less than 30 seconds and did the trick! Thank you! Now I can print and I don’t get any “cannot print” messages. These HP printers that expire your ink are provide a very poor customer experience. Thanks for the work around.

  • Angela

    any one can help a lady with an all-in-one HP officejet 5510xi error code; 0xf0af8004? trying anything I can find with no success! printer will not turn off or on, copy,fax and scan buttons continually flashing. will not reset. please help!

  • Rebekah

    Hi I have a HP c5180 the info you gave was great and it worked. Thank you so very much. I hadn’t used my printer in a good while because my dog chewed up the power cord not good. The error message came when I started it up I am really glad this work.

  • jagdish

    How do I reset a C6280 all-in-one printer? I have the printer but am getting a 0xc18a0001 error.. ink system failure.. I cannot gt help any where. if so… what i should do? pls help me

  • jagdish

    Sorry i have 6288 all in one printer ,,How do I reset a C6288 all-in-one printer? I have the printer but am getting a 0xc18a0001 error.. ink system failure.. I cannot gt help any where. if so… what i should do? pls help me

  • XoneDS

    Wow!!! Excelente informacion, tengo una HP-C4250 y la informacion para resetear la impresora funciono de maravilla.

    Gracias por su ayuda!!!…

  • Sans Eric

    thankx from France !

    i resolve this problem in using the reset option for an hp C5180 (hp 5100 series)
    “Error Message : 0xc18a0001″

  • Sans Eric

    thankx from France !

    i resolve this problem in using the reset option for an hp C5180 (hp 5100 series)
    “Error Message : 0xc18a0001″

  • AJB

    I have a C4385 and it is scanning black. Have done the reset and run the scan diagnostic, which results in the error message that the glass or backing is dirty – it is not dirty but in fact very clean! Any other suggestions?

  • alwcurlz

    The fix for the C5100 series worked for me! Thanks!

  • Brai

    How do I reset a C6280 all-in-one printer? because my LAN indicator light always ON (green light).. and printer status OFFLINE…. please help… Thanks.

  • Shai

    Thank you so much!!! I have the 7280 and I was about to trash it (after spending $120 on Ink and 45 min of international call to un-helpful non-customer oriented HP tech support), when I found this excellent site. The OK & Help buttons were the magic!!! (I experianced the common 0xc18a0101 error). Well done and thanks again. Shai

  • DeEnna

    Thanks for the help with the reset! Worked like a charm with a few alterations…C8180 Held down the red eye and print photos buttons until screen went black and then touched the start button and presto….reset!!
    You are the BEST!!

  • dennis

    Power Reset’ Message Displays on the All-in-One Hp 6310 printer . l have serviced the machine , when l turn on the machine, before it prints the alignment page it displays power reset message on the display. what is the solution to this problem

  • Sammie

    Fantastic the reset worked !!! nice 1111

  • Bob Palmer

    My 3210 was set up for a couple of days, and printed 3 color pics, and copied a couple of pages. It then went into sleep mode. All four yellow buttons are lit, scan, copy, etc, and the photo tray lite is lit. When you push one of the four buttons it will not start up. I have tried the OK, and cancel reset trick, and it does not work. This machine is new, it has been packed away for years. The expired ink cart warning came on the screen, but it still printed those few times. It is locked up good! HELP anyone!


  • mr.vic

    hi.. did a little research.. and the problem is the ink pupm tubes are air bound.. i followed the reset instructions AFTER replacing all of the ink cartridges and i believe its fixed..before i replaced the cartridges i was following the instructions and kept getting the ink head failure..everything was fine , including the test squares..

    i also did a clean ink head service and realighned the print heads.after the reset and cartridge replacement..

    as a special note.. none of the ink cartridges said that they were empty..but when i removed them two were very low and one was completly empty.
    i dont do a lot of color printing so i thought they were good..thanks for all the help..

    ive had this printer for 3 years and it still prints well.. hoping its not scrap.but it does all make sence to me .. the printer was out of ink but didnt realise that the ink cartridges were the machine thought it failed.

  • RRC

    I have a hp photosmart C7280 all in one. I just changed the black ink cartridge. and my printer is not recognizing it. I then put in a new black ink cartridge, thinking it was the cartridge. It still shows that I have no black ink. I tried unplugging to reset, but this did not work. Any advice?

  • Rich W

    Anyone- I Have a HP C5180 and after a power failure I can not print- and can only shut the printer off by depowering I did try the previously suggested solution of de-powering, pushing both the OK and help buttons and powering up -the printer shuts down-when pressing the power on- i get an OMB MVM Reset announcement then a return to original problem Has anyone found a cure-Rich W

  • UFUK


    I have an HP C4480 printer. I pressed cancel+ok on the printer and entered the secret code. The menu is shown on the screen but the menu is totally different and there is no Reset option. There is options like

    ‘boot code menu’
    ‘copy menu’
    ‘photo menu’
    ‘scan menu’
    ‘scan udw menu’
    ‘system menu’
    ‘ui menu’

    What should I do?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Aalto

      Hello UFUK,

      I have an “incompatible cartridge” error on my C4480, and I have the same menu items as you mentioned. Have you got any luck answering your question?


  • Ine

    Hello. My 6 years old 3210 all0-in-one worked very well…. untill i have to change one cartridge. I opend the accessdoor to the inktcompariment, replaced one cartridge but since than, i could not close the accesdoor (sorry is that the good word for the litter?)
    HELP!!! Is there a possibility to reset the 3210???? software-matic?
    Thanks in advance. Ine

  • Ine

    Oh, and i forgot to say, that I already have reset the 3210 by pushing OK+cancel and plug the power of/and on….

  • Mila W

    Please help; my c8180 will not print with dark Magenta ink. Brand new ink installed. it says its there, says its full, but will not print red items, they all appear orangeish. There are no error messages, it just appears to not use the magenta color. I”ve done the reset (holding red eye & Print buttons til black screen; totally reset it) but didn’t help. Tried ‘cleaning print heads’ didn’t help. Should I just keep doing this stuff repeatedly til if fixes itself? I’ve done them many times already. (8-10?) Any ideas?

    • Rick O

      Yeah Mila…I’ve got the same problem, too. I’ve done all the suggested resets and print-head cleanings, both “self” and manual, and I can’t find the solution anywhere online. I can’t find it in HP’s software “Help” for troubleshooting or “solutions” forums such as this. It appears to be a discontinued model so I guess we’re hung out to dry. Have you found a solution anywhere yet, Mila, or are we the only two people on Earth with this soon-to-be very expensive problem? If not, could someone please help us? (how about you, HP?)

      • Annie Lovelass

        I have the same problem…………. can’t find a solution. I have tried EVERYTHING Apart from taking the damn thing apart. My printer C8100 is only just out of warranty, so really frustrated. I was very pleased with it, up to this point!!!
        Did you fins a solution, apart from having to buy a new printer.

  • RichieRich

    i tried the reset after all lights lit up and blinking after installing new hp 6 inks. reinstalled them several times as well. what up?

  • RichieRich

    i tried the reset after all lights lit up and blinking after installing new hp 6 inks. reinstalled them several times as well. what up?

  • RichieRich

    i tried the reset after all lights lit up and blinking after installing new hp 6 inks. reinstalled them several times as well. what up? f4480

  • Monkeypop

    Wowser, this worked perfect to get my C5180 up and running again. You sir.. are brilliant!

  • rush0607

    help me please,,,my hp deskjet F4280(all in 1) printer can not detect a new colored cartridge,the power and colored cartridge indicator is blinking,and a big “E”display in the lcd,do you have any solution or suggestion regarding my problem,,thanks

  • Andreas

    my C5180 works again. Thaaaank you

  • BRDawgy81

    My c5180 is also in a state of constant rebooting when it is on, anyone found a fix to this?

    • idholen

      Did anyone ever contact you with a fix that worked? My C5180 has the exact same symptoms.

      • Nikolai

        Hi there! You access the service menu by the following key combos:


        Look for the resets menu.:) Let me know.

  • Dana

    I tried the alternate reset procedure and it worked..previously i tried quite a few other suggestions and nothing worked. Many suggestions reference a * and a # button but my printer does not have any of these buttons only numbers…..THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!!!

  • Gail

    How do you reset a C6250 All-in-one Photosmart HP printer?

  • Maureen

    C8180 All-in-one Photosmart HP printer my touch screen is grey no picture. I have done the reset and it went blank when I tried using it all the lights just started flashing. Is my printer done?

  • benjamin

    I have a C4480, and it gets this darn incompatible cartridge message every now and then. Sometimes it clears by just pulling the power cord for a while – but not today. Got the semi-full reset. But, do you have to wait a while before powering back on?

    I still get the dreaded “incompatible cartridge” message once I boot it back up after the semi-full reset. Maybe the cartridges are just incompatible with me? Thinking EPSON!

  • Curtis

    Does anyone know the key combination to hard reset a Photosmart 8250? Thanks!

    • Suzanne

      Curtis did anyone ever come back to you – I have this same error – internet search gives lots of possible solutions but the 8250 hasn’t got the buttons that are mentioned – thanks

      • Nikolai

        Hi Suzanne, you can access service Menu (Hold “Cancel” & Left “Select Photo” arrow simultaneously for 5 seconds)

        look for the reset menu, or something like it.. :) let me know.



        • Dudley

          I have discovered your wonderful discussion thread, and am hoping that you may have some additional thoughts on how to fix an HP5180 All in One printer that will print, but upon start up says that it cannot copy or scan. I have tried to reset the unit by holding down the OK and Setup buttons as suggested earlier, but once the unit resets, it still will not copy or scan. The lamp does come on, and at startup the light bar will start moving as was normal in the set up mode originally. I am hoping that there is a way to fix this problem, as it is a very nice printer and scanner when it works!

          Thanks in advance.

  • idholen

    My 5180 constantly “recycles” in an apparent attempt to “boot up”. It started acting up not long after I replaced the black ink cartridge. The software on the computer indicates all the ink cartridges are full, or nearly so, but the earlier message was that there was an ink system failure.
    I have done the reset, and got the oob nvm reset message, but it did not result in any improvement in the constant “rebooting”. Any chance the problem is that the ink pump tubes are “airbound”, and causing the machine to go into this constant recycling?

    Any Ideas??

  • Carol

    We buried my mother yesterday and I was in the middle of printing Thank You notes and got the ink failure. I have a HP Photosmart c6380 all-in-one wireless printer. I have unplugged it, pushed the cancel,ok,black,and color button-nothing. Pushed the red-eye and print photo buttons at the same time – nothing. Tried to get to the battery but a screw head is stripped so no success. Can anyone help me get this fixed to finish the cards??

  • Terese

    Error 0xc18a0201. my hp 3301 all in one machine has suddenly started to leak ink from two full cartridges into the machine. Can you tell what I need to do to repair.

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  • Jack

    Thanks. The alternate reset procedure worked fine on an HP C5180.

  • Joris

    You’re my god, my saviour, that reset did wonders on my C5180, thanks!

  • mwiegand

    Hello. Wonderful site!

    I have a C5180 that’s having the same problem as many above. Constant reboot. Loading screen displays and the scanner makes an initialization type noise and then the yellow exclimation mark blinks and it reboots.

    Have tried resets above. Same result as those above: OOB NVM RESET displays on the first boot after reset and then back to the reboot loop.

    When the loading bar goes away (this is at the time the scanner is initializing) and just the HP logo is showing, I am able to use the Setup-Left Arrow to get to a menu that says: Mfg Commands, Enter Special Key Combo.

    I don’t know what combos to try. There’s no “red eye” button, so have tried Print Photos and Photo Fix in various combinations but no luck.

    Any ideas? Seems there’s a few of us with the same issue.

    Thanks again for the great site!

    • mwiegand

      Forgot to add, after letting it reboot over and over, Sometimes it will stop and say “Turn power off, then on again.” showing code C2FE0237

      • mwiegand

        Solved. Had to solder a new capacitor on the board. Was 79 cents, cheap to fix and fairly simple.

        • Vollo

          I am having the same problem with me c5280 all- in-0ne.
          Can you please tell me where on the board you replaced a capacitor and how did you know that that was the damaged one?

        • Bob Smyth

          Can you provide more details on the capacitor and board diagram that you referenced? I have the same issue with my C5180.



  • Shortcake

    I have a HP Photosmart C5180. I put all new ink cartridges in, and the screen on the printer says that three of them are empty!! I also could not shut down the printer. I did the reset as suggested. The orange light (!) under the cancel button started blinking AGAIN! Now it says improper shutdown and wont do anything else. What do I do??

  • Chernandez

    I have a HP C4440 and when i turn it on the power light just blinks green and the screen stays black. Can anyone help me with this?

  • Waqar

    I have a Photosmart C5183 Printer that had the same problem. I followed your instructions on how to reset it and it worked. Thanks.

  • ALEX


    My HP PHOTOSMART C5280 All-in-one is not working properly anymore. On the screen it gives me a code: B32722E4. Can anyone help me? Thank you!

  • gknisley

    hp 3210 error 0xc18c0306 FIXED !!!! using your reset info. Thanks!

  • Ion Eklaf

    Sunny God bless you. It worked!
    Thank you very much!

  • Willie

    Thanks! Bookmarked this page just in case i need to reset my hp printer again!

    By the way can you post instructions on how to reset HP Envy?

    Thanks again.

  • mike

    I did the reset thing for the C5180 and it still re-starting itself over and over. Problem is the printer is okay, cause one of this days it decided it would work and I printed some stuff. Now its back to restarting AGAIN! and the HP people are not a whole lot a help.

  • Amy Smith

    I Have a HP Photosmart 8250. I had it about 4 years ago. I used to used it all the time, ad it worked perfectly fine until the ink ran out. Moving house led to the printer being left until now, we ordered some new inks offline and when the cam we put them in the printer. I went to print off a picture, and the “ink system failure” message came up. I have tried everything it says to do on the internet and nothing is working. Can anyone help me pleaseee..

  • Welsh Lady

    Hi there – I have a HP Photosmart C4485 which has very annoyingly started to show an incompatible printer cartridge error or an incorrect install printer cartridge error – depending what mood it is in! I have tried removing, cleaning, resetting, hitting etc as per advice on other web pages but it still persists. I have tried printing out test pages with single cartridges installed, and with both installed, all of which worked fine but STILL it will not print normally. I am now of the mind that this is a cynical ploy by HP to disable printers using compatible cartridges rather than their extortionately expensive ‘genuine’ ones. I had been using these other cartridges for a couple of years with no problems but am linked in to the automatic update process with HP. I think they have used that to detect compatible cartridges and disabled the printer. Perhaps I am paranoid but it seem very possible to me. Any tips as to how I can get round this please? Many thanks in advance, this is causing me real issues and, if I can’t sort it, I swear I will smash the thing up and NEVER buy HP again! LOL :-)

  • Mamta


    I have come to end of use of the black ink cartridge in my HP Photosmart C5180 printer which was purchased in the US. Having now moved to the UK, I tried replacing with the compatible European Black ink cartridge. However, I get the error message ” The ink cartrige installed is not compatible printer configured to 02″. I guessing this is regional issue.

    Please can you advise what I can do to resolve this. I don’t fancy buying another printer when the one I have works perfectly well.

    • Nikolai

      Contact HP support. They will regionalize your printer for Free regardless of Warranty.

      • M.

        Hi, I have the same problem, but HP refuses to fix it for free, I read many in every country are getting the same answer from them and there is nothing we can do even if they do not have the right, we are helpless. I have a PhotoSmart C7280 that I bought when I was living in the USA and that I brought with me when I moved back to Spain. It still worked great but now it went out of ink and it does not accept the European cartridges that I bought, only 02. It seems that HP does not change the regional code for free when the warranty is expired, I contacted them and they asked me for money, I told them that I had read that they shouldn’t, but they kind of laughed at me. I had no idea this happened and I think it is very unfair, maybe not even illegal that they do this, I paid a lot for this printer and I cannot believe that they are just not allowing me to use something I own legally and that otherwise works perfectly. Could you please help on how to do this? I have looked around on-line and I got to the place where you have to introduce 5 numbers, but I don’t know how. It must be really easy since I got experience with computers. If they have told me before I would not have bought an HP printer, never again.
        I would really appreciate your help. The reset procedure that it mentioned at the beginning here does not apply to this, does it? Thanks a lot.

  • J.Gray

    C6280 All in one; printer had been working fine, came home and noticed the control panel display was blank just a white color no messages nothing. I proceeded with reset, cable wiggle, etc. and screen does not display anything but white light. The printer still prints fine and all, but there is no way I could ever read a message on the LCD display, is it possible that the display just went out because it (burned out), or what are the possibilities..? Stuck with a 200.00 printer that has failed me. this is my 4th HP failed product in 4 years.

  • Alicia

    Help, help, I have HP C7280 All in One. I have ink system failure Oxc18a 0101 and it makes a cranking noise as well and doesn’t print.I took the printer to a shop for repair and they said there was nothing Have you or anyone else managed to clear the problem? My printer is only two years old my extended warranty expire on 2/6/2011 and I have recently bought a whole new set of inks as it was working perfectly before this happened
    please some body help… thanks

    • Nikolai

      Hi Alicia,

      Please try this step provided by natong on the link below imediately! Let me know how it goes.



      • Dudley

        Hi Nikolai,

        I am delighted to discover this wonderful discussion board for HP printers and hope you can give me some help. We have an HP5180 Photosmart printer that prints well, but upon turning on the machine it has the message that it cannot copy or scan. The scanner lamp does come on during the set up, and the bar starts to move as it has in the past during the start up procedure. I have tried holding the OK and SETUP buttons down to do a reset, and the same unable to copy or scan message appears once the machine has reset. What other steps can I take to repair this problem?

        Many thanks in advance!

      • Sal Vascellaro

        I have the photosmart C5180, just replaced Black and Magenta. Printer says replace empty cartridges but ink level shows full. Help

  • Maria Hoops

    I have a HP PHotosmart C5280. It sat in a box for 6 months before I tried to use it. Seemed OK the first few times I used it, now everytime I try to print a photo or doc, all of the lights flash on it, and error message 00C515C4 appears on the small screen. I cannot power it off with the on/off button either, have to unplug it. I uninstalled and reinstalled the disc today, did not help. Any ideas?

  • http://out-of-waranty dawn

    My HP C5140 won’t let me print and states that my magenta ink needs to be replaced. I have tried the holding the help and ok button and shutting off. That did not work. Any other suggesion.

  • anand

    I have a printer hp 7288 photosmart in which the error shows when the printer is turn on error shows c2FE0119 and all lights flash

  • anand

    I am having a printer hp photosmart 7288 in which the error shows C2FE0119 when turn on and all lights starts flashing.

  • http://- Chelik_2003

    Tanx Bra .Its Solve for me . Hp photosmart c6200 seri . its Bottun combine ( Red eye + photo Print ) .Good luck

  • Stacy

    I have an HP Photosmart C6280 All-in-One printer. Just today it started making a grinding noise followed by an error message. The error message is as follows:
    Ink system has failed. Unable to print. Refer to printer documentation.
    Error: 0xc18a0101
    Turn power off, turn on again.

    I have turned it off and on but no change grinding followed by error message. Product is out-of-warranty as of 9/09. Can anyone PLEASE help!?!

    • Baker

      Mine is doing the exact same thing. Did you ever find a fix?

  • Annie Lovelass

    Hi, I have a HPc8180 series all in one and it has suddenly stopped printing the magentas…….. HELP PLEASE…. it’s driving me nuts!!!!!

  • Annie Lovelass

    Forgot to add, no error messages, windows 7, tired aligning x dozen times, cleaned, new cartridges x 2 , searched on line for answers – zilch.
    Have big mallet which I want to use!!! So PLEASE help.

  • Samantha

    I have a HP C8180 All-In-One. When powered it keeps turning itself on an off. The display has only the rainbow band flickering at the bottom of the blue screen and then the lightscribe light flicks on and then it turns off with a click and then it happens all over again. On and off, on and off. Have tried some of the reset options above with no success. HELP?

  • Wee Jean

    Im trying to reset my uncles photosmart premium c-309 g-m any ideas…hes 79 and hp inks are a shocking price!? Any help appreciated! ;o)

  • Mary Anne HF

    I have a HP Photosmart C6180. Its out of warranty. turn it on and screen lights up with HP insignia and the bar at the bottom like its thinking. Then the power button flashes then theres a funny noise and it shuts off. Blue light comes back on and it goes through it again. Its like it wants to work but just cant get going, like something is in que or something like that. Please help really hate to have to go buy a new printer.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Mariposa R.

    My C5180 All-In-One printer was working fine until I replaced the magenta cartridge with a new one purchased on When I print in color I see streaks, colors are faded and not all printing out. I ran the clean printhead function, which seems to turn out fine. Then when I get to the Align Printer function, after the test has printed, there is a prompt that says Failure – Print cartridge alignment failed – Refer to manual. I lifted up the lid to peer inside of my printer and saw that the magenta ink leaked onto the metal plate.
    I did refer to the manual and all it says was to make sure I have A4 paper in my tray. So I contacted HP support. I spent over 2 hours on the phone with different technicians who seemed to only be reading from a manual and telling me to run the same tests as I have already ran. They could not tell me why the ink was leaking or what the problem could be. They suggested that I purchase new cartridges and to call them back when I have installed them. What I have also noticed now is that another color of ink is leaking onto the metal plate and pooling inside of my printer. I mentioned this to them and they still could not figure it out. I cleaned the copper contacts on the cartridges, I cleaned the contacts where the cartridges meet the printer, I cleaned the rollers….this was all they could direct me to do along with buy more cartridges. All of my cartridges are full! I am fed up with all the money I have to spend on HP and their below par service!
    Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this?

  • Dan

    I have an HP 3310 had been new in the box for almost 6 years! Eventhough there is no expiration date anywhere on the box “to be used or installed by” I guess factory sealed in still expires and the printer knows it. I shake it and hear the ink sloshing around but I guess it’s still deemed expired. Unfortuneatly, this is the initializing ink that is needed for first time set-up. I called H.P. and they no longer offer such ink for older modles. Did I spend 400 bucks for nothing? Is there any way around this initializing ink set? Are there any class action law suits I can jump abord? Thanks!

  • Raymond

    Hi i need help. i have an HP F2423 with an HP121 cartridge. Can you please help me?
    1) to reset the cartridge
    2) reset the printer
    3) if possible also reset the printer so i can use an HP60 cartridge
    because there are no available hp121 cartridge in my region

    thank you very much

  • Lynn

    I have a HP c5180. I ran out of yellow, and when I put in a new cartarage it is not recognizing it. It’s still showing I still have no yellow toner in the printer. I did a few different resets along with the one above. When I pressed and held the OK and HELP buttons the screen never went blank. I held it for quite some time and the printer just acted like it wanted to print something. When I finaly let go of the two button I got the same error msg stating that there was no yellow toner and did I want to print in black and white. I’ve already tried taking the printer apart to look for the lithion battery, that didn’t work because the top didn’t slide back. I’ve tried taking out all the cartrages and unpluging. that didn’t work either.Please help. I really haven’t used this print much but it is out of warrantee. thank you in advance

  • Lynn

    I have a HP c5180. I ran out of yellow and when I replaced it the printer is still saying I am out of yellow (actually went and bought 3 carterages thinking it might be something wrong with them. I have tried the fix above and it’s not working. I have also tried a couple of other fixes. Taking the carterages off and then unblugging, I even tried to take the top of the printer off to find the lithion batterie. Can someone please help me.
    thanks in advance for your help

  • angelgirl8906

    Hi. I used to be able to scan photos… but not anymore. I can scan a document to PDF. Print and copy just fine.. I just can’t scan a photo. It tells me there was an error 4, [(3, 42, 0)] I’ve uninstalled software, reinstalled, checked for updates etc… nothing works.

    Vista is my OS.

    I also ran a scan utility found on HP — said everything was fine. (but it’s NOT)> Technical info it listed:
    Software Ver.
    Firmware Ver. MZL1FN0913BR
    Printer Driver Ver:

    This is frustrating me… I’ve spent HOURS trying to figure this out. I’ve unplugged my all-in-on, I’ve uninstalled and installed software. I don’t know what the problem is. It starts to scan… but then comes up with a “compressed window” so I can’t select options… and then the error error 4, [(3, 42, 0)] Can you help?

  • Nancy James

    C8180 all in one: Colors are off — all of a sudden. I’ve performed the Clean Heads 3 times and also aligned the heads. Unplugged and reset. Installed new ink. Light magenta still shows horizontal lines — other colors seem to be ok. Straight black prints fine. Color photos (on quality photo paper) is ‘off’. Green tinge and poor pinkish tones. Any suggestions?

  • Cmegs

    I have a HP 2710. It was given to me by a friend. I set it up. Looked like it was ready to print. I used it once. The next time I went to use it…maybe a few days later, when I pressed the power button to start the all in one, I got a blue screen that says “Error 0xb918fb4b” and 165hw_interrupt_hwv2.o. I tried the three different ways to do a hard reset. It stated with the #6 attempt, a soft-partial reset or something like that, screen went dark. I pressed On, and back to blue screens with same error. Anyone seen this one before?

  • Steve Venner


    This question seems to have been asked many times, and I’ve tried all of the solutions that have been posted on this site (and others), but without any success…

    I have an HP 3210 photosmart printer, which I purchased a few years ago while living in the US.

    I have now returned to the UK along with my printer, and am in need of some new ink cartridges.

    The ones which were originally supplied with the printer are 02 versions, but I can only get version 363 here in the UK, and these are not compatible with my printer unless I can somehow change the region code.

    I have managed to figure out how to enter various service modes for the printer, but none seem to let me change the region setting. I’ve also managed to place the printer in manufacturing mode, which will allow me to print with the new cartridges, but the page calibration is off, and the unit no-longer copies documents while in this mode

    Resetting the printer (by various methods posted here and elsewhere) has not made any difference, and neither has changing the language to UK-English.

    Any suggestions?

    Many thanks for your time,

  • Trav

    I have a c4280 and tried each of the steps to clear the “carriage jam” error; however, each time the display always says, “load paper and press enter”. Once I do this, the paper automatically feeds and then causes the carriage jam again. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Michelle

    I have a C5180 that had a Ink system Error and a Alpha Numeric code and it keep rebooting – Due to resets etc. I found this page and I could not get past step 1, but it took me to a window to do a test – I did that twice, and then I was able to print a test page and it worked! I was able to print the directions. This was after 3 hours of trouble shooting. So here it is to get a different try.

    Rating:89%, 8832 Votes


    The code means Ink System Failure. First disconnect power cord to reset the printer and test using different cartridges.

    If that does not work try the procedure below:

    “Press and hold the “left arrow” key.

    Press the “Setup” key and release both keys.

    Display should say “Enter Special Key Combo”
    Press and release the “OK” button

    1.Press and release the right arrow button until the display says “System Configuration Menu”. (I could not find this so I went to something called media test – I had to get here twice and it was difficult and frustrating to get here, but all is well for awhile :-) )
    2.Press and release the “OK” button.
    3.Display should say “Hardware failure status”. If not there already, Arrow Key over to “Hardware failure status”,
    4.Press and release the “OK” button.
    5.Display should say “Hardware failure status: Clear. Press OK to clear”.
    6.Press and release the “OK” Button. Message changes to “Hardware failure status Cleared. Press Cancel to continue”.
    7.Press and release the “CANCEL” button as many times as necessary, so that, either the “Welcome to Photosmart Express” screen appears, or, the “Ink System Failure” screen appears. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO PRINT AT THIS STAGE.
    8.Using the Power Button, turn the unit OFF and unplug the power cable from back of the printer and wall outlet.
    9.Wait 30 seconds for the power to get discharged and then plug the power cable into the wall outlet first and then into the back of the printer
    10.Turn the unit on. The printer may display message “USE POWER BUTTON TO SHUTDOWN THE PRINTER” followed by “PRESS OK TO CONTINUE”. Press OK.
    11.If the printer has already initialized, then go to the next step. If not, the printer will start the “ONE TIME INK INITIALIZATION PROCESS”. Allow this process to complete and do not interrupt. Once the initialization process is complete, the printer will print out a Diagnostic Page.

    12.To verify printer functionality print a SELF TEST PAGE. If SELF TEST prints, then printer is ready for use.

    NOTE: If the error is still there, or reoccurs replace the unit.”

  • Dudley

    I am delighted to discover this wonderful discussion board for HP printers. We have an HP5180 Photosmart printer that prints well, but upon turning on the machine it has the message that it cannot copy or scan. The scanner lamp does come on during the set up, and the bar starts to move as it has in the past during the start up procedure. I have tried holding the OK and SETUP buttons down to do a reset, and the same unable to copy or scan message appears once the machine has reset. What other steps can I take to repair this problem?

    Many thanks in advance!

  • Peggy C.

    I have a HP Photosmart 2575 all-in-one printer/copier. It has been working great for many years. Now, when I press print it pulls the paper through about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way (as though it passed up the top ot the page where it should have begun printing) and then shows a “clear paper jam” notice. There is NO jam. I have cleaned everything, even blowing out the whole printer with compressed air. I have tried holding cancel and ok at the same time while unplugging and replugging the power code. It resets but the same thing happens. One time, while doing the above, the machine printed out a page of advanced alignment (don’t remember if I hit anything else). It mentioned an error code 00000020, which is a carriage jam error. Carriage seems to work fine. When I tried to print a sample copy—paper jam! AAAHHHH!!! The machine freely picks up a sheet of paper, and spits it out easily too. Any other options? Can’t afford a new one, and I really have liked this one. Thanks!

  • leanne

    hi there. I have a C6150 that is a few years old. No problems with it until my husband unhooked it to paint the room. We moved it and now we get IMPROPER SHUTDOWN and it reboots and grinds. If its scrap its scrap. We have gotten tons of use out of it. If it is scrap, whats the best printer to buy that is not going to kill a budget? Thanks for having such an informative site!

  • leanne

    Where is Nikolai? I just noticed not responses from him on any posts after May 2011?

  • thomas

    hi. Just moved. unpacked hp photosmart c4680 .. beeps a few times then goes to scan mode or copy mode but gets stuck there.. Tried unplugging to reset but same outcome

  • Christine Hopkins

    Hi, I have a HP Officejet 6213 all-in-one which I bought in Dubai. Now we’re back living in UK I have bought and tried a few different Ink Cartridges but none work, it says “so and so cartridge is not intended for use in this printer”. I have tried a reset and it comes up with semi-full reset but after initializing, goes back to the error message and I can’t do anything.
    Please could you help?
    Thanks in advance

  • shorty49

    HELP…..have a hp photosmart c4680 all in one and i have tried everything to reset it..i have unpluged the cord from printer, unpluged cord from power jack and from my hard drive..waited 30 seconds and plugged it all back up and it will not print..on my screen it is showing “scanning” with the red x and it will not STOP scanning. I do not have any programs running or have I any docs to scan. What else can I do to stop the sanning mode????

  • shorty49

    I can not get my HP Potosmart C4680 all in one to stop “scanning. I tried everything with unplugging all cords waiting 30 seconds and plugging it all back up and it still continue to scan and the”red” x is lit up.

  • Ron


    I have a hp photosmart C4280 and use ink refill kits for both black and colour. Every time I select the printer toolkit from the hp Solution Center on my computer, the ink cartridge levels show empty all the time even if they are filled up completely.
    Is there a way I can reset the cartridges in the same way that you can with epson cartridges ?

  • Goldorak

    I have a HP c558o it tell me that I have a problem with the usb connection. I try to connect my printer to 4 other computer and it tell me the same error. I have done the reset thing but it continue to give me the same error. Some tell me to remove the battery but I don’t now howor what to do?

  • Amy

    I have an old HP PSC1200. It’s been doing great for years. Today we had a power outage and now the printer is dead. When I unplug it and then plug it back in, it lights up for one second and then goes dead again. Any suggestions?

  • jasneskis

    I have C4385 and it has a message “print cartridge(s) missing or not detected”.
    Can you help me solve the problem. I have reset the machine, that has not helped.
    There is no date on the color cartridge, the black one is in warranty. I need to know if it is a ink problem or machine problem.

  • jasneskis

    This printer C4385 is not scanning. no light comes on.
    Does that light burn out.

  • Amy

    Correction: It’s a PSC 1210.

  • reinhold schäfer

    hallo durch gleichzeitiges drücken tast power + x kommt man in menue hpc4380 dann tasten blau grün grau es kommt support menue dann grau reset suchen danngrün dann grau reset suchen dann grau partial reset suchen dann grün partial reset machen es wird tinten füllstand supported

  • Ben

    I have a HP C5180, i dont use it very often, it has recently been printing all my pictures in a green hue. when i printed a test page there is no magenta or light magenta printed. there is no error message and this printer thinks it is doing fine. I have reinstalled the software and reset the printer as per the instructions above but to no avail? what could i do next, besides through in out of a 7th floor window?

    Thanks in advance. Ben

  • vivek

    My Printer is HP Photosmart C7288 all in one, It prints fine when print command is thru computer but when i want to copy any doucment thru scanner it prints in dark green colour on black copy mode

  • Greg

    I have Photosmart C3180 and can not solve problem with printing quality. Some time to time pictures (letters) have “shadow” – its move a little bit horizontal. I have noticed that it happens with pictures and in text near pictures. If there is only text there is no problem.
    I have installed new cartriges, clean and position them, reset printer ( put out power cord for couple of seconds) – no positive results. I have also notice that every time after switch on printer prints test page.
    Please help


  • Roger J. G.

    Hi there.
    I got a brand new Photosmart C7200, from a guy who where about to dispose of it (The plastic was still on it). Upon getting it I could see that none of the ink-cardriges where mounted, so I bough a complete set from IncClub..The printer refused to accept them, claiming I should put in the original cardriges following the printer on shipment. I reset it as told here, and whattdoyouknow, it worked :) Thanks a lot from Norway :) RJG

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  • Donna

    I have the HP Photosmart C5550 All-in-one I have been using it just fine until yesterday and now it is: Print Cartridges, Cartridge in slot on right is not intended for use in this printer, Remove and replace.
    I am using the same HP 74 cartridge that I have been using without any issue? Please HELP …..Thanks

  • bayala

    hello guy my hp c5283 don’t start the spotlight of the scaner on all time.
    please help me think !!!

  • Mircea

    Hello! I had problems with a HP Deskjet F2187 All in One printer. I did not know how to reset a scanner error and I tryed your first solution. On my printer there are no “# and 6″ buttons but i tryed the procedure using “cancel and resume” butons. It worked! Meny thanks!

  • jose

    A .vfs File Has Been Added to the Memory Card.

    I have a HP PhotosmartC4280

    I am trying to avoid this happend again.
    I tried to follow the below HP steps but unfortunate i am not able even to find the setup (in the printer or in the driver??)

    The All-in-One allocates 2% of the memory card capacity for thumbnails in the form of a .VFS file to make browsing faster.
    By default, the faster browsing option is set to on. This creates the .VFS file.
    To turn this feature off and eliminate the .VFS file, follow these steps:
    Press Setup .
    Use the down arrow key to select Preferences .
    Press OK .
    Use the down arrow key to select Enable Faster Browsing .
    Press OK .
    Select OFF .
    Press OK .

  • Evelyn

    our library printer has been working fine until this morning…for some reason it does not seem to recognize anything sent to it for printing…does anyone have any information on this printer HP Photosmart C4650?? I’ve tried looking on the net but didn’t get much help there….Help please!!! thanks in advance

  • Jodi V. S.

    I have a HP Photosmart C6280 All in one (scanner, printer, copier). I am getting error message Oxc18a0001 Ink System Failure. But there is ink in all slots and they are now anywhere near empty. I have tried all the different ways to reset above and nothing is working. Is there a trick to it. I do not have a key board pad on my printer. I really love my printer please help?

    Jodi V. S.

  • NancyR

    My printer started blinking in the middle of the night (it was turned off) with an error message of B84953D6 on the screen. Couldn’t turn it off without unplugging it and as soon as I turned it back on, it started blinking again. HP wanted $20 to talk to me. So thank you, thank you, thank you. Reset worked perfectly and I am back in business.

  • NancyR

    My printer started blinking in the middle of the night (it was turned off) with an error message of B84953D6 on the screen. Couldn’t turn it off without unplugging it and as soon as I turned it back on, it started blinking again. HP wanted $20 to talk to me. So thank you, thank you, thank you. Reset worked perfectly and I am back in business.

  • any

    My printer would not start….it has done this since new, intermittently
    Recently I smacked it on the side….it started right up. This means there is a cold solder joint on one of the circuit boards… also means this is not a top quality product

  • Jerry Nelson

    Above is a good suggestion for entering the Service Menu on the HP Photosmart 8250 (hold down CANCEL and LEFT SELECT simultaneously).

    To enter the Service Menu on the HP Photosmart 8450, hold down CANCEL and SAVE simultaneously. SAVE is on the left near POWER. There is no need to power the machine down and up while pressing the buttons. Just wait 5 seconds.

    The HP 8450 Service Menu choices are
    CODES / ERRORS (Firmware # and last error)
    Test the display (press OK to select)
    Test the lights (does not flash them all at once…)
    Test the buttons (you press them, 1 at a time)
    Duplex Demo (prints two pages)
    Infinite H’s test
    Infinite color H’s test (you can use this to get cartridge ink flowing)
    Pen recovery level 1

    Level 1 resets cartridge errors; you can use the normal MENU / TOOLS to

    Pen recovery level 2
    Pen recovery level 3

    These “Pen recovery” cartridge cleaning routines require additional secret key presses to select and start.

    Skew page
    Theta Z pen alignment
    Continuous pick/kick normal
    Printer usage page
    Dot count / Raw ink page
    Custom Diagnostic Page
    Pen electrical test 1
    Pen electrical test 2
    Pen electrical test 3
    Service Station Diagnostic 1

    Please share your discoveries.

  • mokaka

    I have a problem with my deskjet 4400, everytime i try to print it wont let me, then i check the status of the printer and it says needs troubleshooting, so i do that a few times untill status is ok, i try printing again, and it tells me it needs troubleshooting again. please help me

  • Karissa

    I have a C7280 that I bought at a garage sale. It had not been used for awhile so I had to buy new ink. First it told me there was an error and I found a site online that walked me through the steps to get rid of THAT error. (it was an ink system failure) Now it tells me that it “Cannot print” “Replace the following empty ink cartridges to resume printing” (my black ink). it is full and it’s reading the other ones but refuses to print anything. If you could help me, I would REALLY appreciate it! I will LOVE my printer once it works!

  • Auba

    Thanks!!!It worked!

  • fiona

    ma grandmother uses a c5280 as a printer without computer and she changed the language from french to some kind of japanese and i can’t reset it! i tried everything you said! please help me !!

  • Sean Raymond

    Hello! I have a C7280 all in one printer, about two years old. It will not recognize that the is paper in the main tray. The message continues to tell me to make sure there is paper in the main tray, and to lift the output tray and make sure the photo paper tray is pushed in all of the way.
    I have done these things multiple times, but I can not get the printer to print or copy. I have even tried the # and 6 reset you mentioned.
    Any ideas on how to fix this issue?
    Thank you so much in advance!

  • joy

    hello. how can i fix hp photosmart 3110 printers error:0xc18a0001

  • Peter

    Resetting an HP 7280 worked perfectly to override the “expired ink” warning.

    • Fabio

      hold the ‘*’ key on the key pad, then press the ‘#’ key and release them both. Then enter ’123′ to enter maintenance mode ;-)

  • mohamed

    Thank You People, the reset procedure work great, i really appreciare this publication.

  • Linda M

    I have a C5280 All-In-One printer and after replacing the ink cartridge’s it’s telling me the alignment has failed. I have reset it, cleaned the ink contacts and ran several alignment’s. Is there anything else I can do?

  • Troy Levesque

    My C7280 is giving me a 0xc18a0101 error message. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

    Thank you,


  • J’s PC Repair

    HP PSC2410 and PSC2510 both have this problem:

    After power failure or unit is unplugged, when the unit is turned on, the scanner bar attempts to locate the “Home Position” but fails and continues to the right until a repeating gear-type sound begins.

    None of the resets work (the OK + Cancel worked one time).
    Power cycle does not work – this causes the issue.

    The only thing that has worked every time is cleaning the underside of the Calibration Strip (white strip that runs the width of the glass at the control panel end).

    Is there any way to fix this issue permanently?

    Every time I experience a Power Outage or short power failure (about once every 3 months), the scanner starts the same noise and will NOT reset or work properly until the printer is taken apart and the glass strip is cleaned.

    There should be NO Reason for this issue in a $250 printer and HP has never, and NEVER WILL BE any count for 75% of products OR 100% support — replace printer my A** – I wonder if the Tech Support has $250 every 3 months to replace such a printer?

    My guess is HP Tech Support uses Cannons or Brothers or something besides HP… LOL

  • Minerva

    how to reset hp 3920? lamp on power button is blinking, i was hold the power button and unplug power cord, then plug it back in..but it not work.. somebody can help me?

  • Chas

    I need help with my HP c6380…I can not get it to print wireless. I’ve done the set up but I can not figure out how to get it off of “offline”…

  • Robert Franklin

    Excellent direction for resetting the HP Photosmart C5180 Series. I went to the HP site and found absolutely no help there in finding out what a “Error OXC 18a0206″ meant. I had replaced all of the ink cartridges and it still gave that error. What I know for a fact: do not use any ink cartridges after its expiration date, and do not buy more ink cartridges than you plan to use before that expiration date. I had new cartridges but old dates and then problems.

  • Larry

    Thanks! My C8180 works again. I was ready to go out and buy a new printer (anything BUT another HP) but now I’ll get a little more return from the $300+ I spent on this one.

    • Bill

      I have a HP Photosmart c7280 – after I upgraded my laptop to Windows 7, the HP keeps going “offline”. I’ve re-loaded the HP software. Each time I re-load the drivers it works until I take my laptop off my home network and then log back on – then “offline again”. I’ve done a factory reset, everything I can find, but still it persists. Can anyone help??
      Very frustrated. My wife’s Mac seems to be fine with the HP.

  • Ronale

    I’m having a problem with my C5180 all-in-one printer. I have installed a new yellow ink cartridge twice to get a message in just a day or two that the yellow ink is depleted again. I have gone through the reset procedure three times, and now it’s telling me that four of my ink cartridges are empty that were almost three-quarters full before I did the reset. Ink is expensive, and I know these cartridges aren’t depleted. Is there a solution to this?

  • Bev

    Have HP C6380 Trying to get ink cartridges out. Lift up door and they
    should slide over to get them out. They seem to be stuck they will not
    slide over. Need help to get them out…..

  • Rick

    My HP all in one model # C5500 dispolay screen shows what I imagine to be a clock symbol with a code of B813184C. I have tried almost everything and eventually this same screen adn code comes up. No other messages of any kind have been displayed. The computer says it is offline?

  • Satyamani

    how to hard reset hp m1005 mpf printer

  • Ian Jamieson

    Hi all! My C4200 seems ok apart from colour being poor.
    How do I know that I should try resetting?

  • Bonnett

    I purchased a brand new HP Photosmart Premium 410B yesterday – but it was the only one left so we took the display model. OK they gave me the power cable and a full set of ink cartridges etc but it appears I still need ‘SET UP’ cartridges. The store has been very helpful and given me a full set of ‘set up’ cartridges, new from another box – 3 x colour and 1 x black – but it says I still need the final black ‘photo’ cartridge. I do have a brand new one but it won’t accept this.
    Any idea how to reset/override this so I can get set up and started?! Much appreciated!

  • Matt

    Our cm2320 is frozen in startup after a recent firmware upgrade. We have tried the procedure on the HP website several times and it still keeps freezing on startup, looks like its loading up and just stops.

    I am thinking a hard reset on this is the only answer, any suggestions on how to reset a CM2320?

  • Tomas

    I have an HP c4280 printer, and I would like to find out how to change the region of my printer from EUROPE to USA. This is necessary, because I want to use HP 74 and 75 ink cartridges instead of using HP 350 and 351. I would be very grateful if someone could help me. Thank you in advance :)

    • Nikolai

      Call HP tech tech support. Only HP-techs can reset the region for printer.

      • Fordnut

        Follow the instructions for a full reset in the 1st half of this webpage, one of the reset’s listed should work with your printer. It should ask you for the country when it resets.

    • Fordnut

      Follow the instructions for a full reset in the 1st half of this webpage, one of the reset’s listed should work with your printer. It should ask you for the country when it resets.

  • Oakapple

    Thanks a lot!!!
    I have an officejet 6310 – Started getting an error message ”left cartridge needs replacing”
    Knowing it was only part used and having cleaned everything I could and getting nowhere, I came across your advice on resetting. Tried it and nothing new happened!!!!!!!!!!!
    Took both cartridges out and reset again
    reset language and country
    relaced cartridges
    confirmed that they were HP ‘part used’
    aligned cartridges
    and hey presto


  • letscheat

    Thanks a lot! It worked! Way too easy! :D
    (I have an C5180)

  • queen

    ok so i have a HP PHOTOSMART C5180 ALL-IN-ONE, i tries ur troubleshooting steps to reset it….the printer act liked it was gonna reset…and then…..ummmm, ya, it didnt! im like OMG!!! the problem im having is the power light and cancel butoon keeps flashing on and off, i cant even get to the setup screen …my screen just says hp…please help. i paid too much for this printer, and its no longer under warranty!

    thnx in advance

  • Melinda

    I have a C7280. The little screen goes blank after a little while. The power light is still on (I keep it on all the time). However, after a day or so, when I try to print, it will not print. I have to unplug the power cord (the power button has never shut it down) and plug it back in. The screen lights up and then it prints. This just started about a month ago. Any suggestions? Thanks

  • Dan

    Thank you soooo much! This fixed my persistent “no yellow ink” problem. Hp support is well…. less than satisfactory at best. I read where someone took their printer back to the store and not only could the store not fix it but HP reps apparently didn’t know either. All it took was a factory reset. Unbelievable.

    Thanks again

  • Vach

    My HP c8180 is printing horribly. I am not getting an error code, but the magenta and light magenta are printing with horizontal lines when self tested. I have done a clean printhead several times as well as a hard reset. The printer is less then 2 years old. Is there anything I can do? Thank you Kindly!

  • paul

    I have a C5180 allin one printer. I keep getting a warning that the yellow cartridge needs replaced. I have replaced it twice and it still show the yellow to be empty. Have tried to unplug with power on – hold the ok – help button no luck. Unplugged power and held the cancel – ok button still no help. ink level on yellow still show empty and calls for replacement.

  • Don

    I have a Photosmart 8180, it keeps shutting off, turning on, shutting off every few seconds. I have unplugged it from the power for a week, when I plug it back in, it does the same thing over and over. Before that happened I was getting an improper shutdown message even though I was not shutting it down. The HP has no help for this…HELP!!!

    • Nikolai

      Did you check your power supply? I’m suspecting something is wrong with it.

    • http://Facebook Mike

      May be the capacitor on the power board. My TV did the same thing and I found a bad capacitor. They are easy to find (raised center and easy to remove and re-solder. Most are very cheap, under $2.00

      • Nikolai

        Looking for and replacing busted capacitors does fix some hardware issues, however it should be done as a last resort. If all else fails then, opening the printer should be a logical step to take. Here’s a video on how to open your printer and access the logic board.

  • Amy

    I have an out-of-warranty HP PSC 1210. It’s been a great little workhouse for 8 years. Suddenly it quit working! When I turn it on, all the lights flash and then it goes completely dead. If I unplug it and plug it in again, the exact same thing happens: the lights flash and then it goes dead. I’ve tried unplugging it from the computer as well and that does nothing. My suspicion is that there’s something wrong in the power supply, which isn’t something I can fix. Any thoughts before I buy a new printer?

  • Jill

    C5140 printer will not print with black. new full cartridge

  • akinfeev_07

    Hi there, Nikolai.
    I now living in Moscow.
    A week before this, i bought a C310b HP photosmart. Then, i asked the seller to set the language to English when the setup is available. But then, when i back home, i turned it on, the message appeared
    “Incompatible ink cartridge as it is configured” The message only appear to Photo cartridge. But other cartridges are marked as original.
    (All other cartridges were made in China, and the Photo cartridge was made in Ireland)
    I don’t know what to do as i bought a new cartridge, it still gives the same message. I suspect it was due to regional ink cartridge problem. Any help? Or how to reset it.

  • Norman Hurlburt

    I have a Compaq Presario SR2020NX running Windows XP v2005 and an HP C4280 all in one printer. The computer or the printer keep losing their connections. I don’t which one is at fault! I am now losing the connection several times a day. If I power off everything, disconnect the printer completely, power back up, when fully powered, then reconnect the printer the computer or the printer will find each other. I am not going to delete and reinstall the printer software daily. THIS IS AN HP PROBLEM

  • Gregory Ridgway

    HP printers suck! My Officejet 8500a’s screen went white. I can hear the beeps when I touch it. Resetting it didn’t help. Went out of warranty a month ago! To the trash it went! Switched to an Epson!!!

  • jenny watkins

    hello. I’ve a HP photosmart C4272 which looks as good as new, it ought to as I’ve never used it. I purchased it approx 2 yrs ago and thought the problem was that it was incompatible with my 10 yr old laptop. But now I’ve upgraded to a lenovo desktop I still can’t get working, the machine wont even switch on and off, stays on all the time with no display.


  • Delphi

    Well, my HP7280 printer emigrated the 11,000 miles from UK to Australia in one piece, except of course it is now being blocked by a hidden byte of regional data somewhere in the firmware.

    After 3-hours on the phone to HP in Manilla, a full printer reset, countless UK(363) – Australia (02) cartridge changes, a full uninstall-download-reinstall of the HP software to USB, hours of unplugging, plugging, rebooting and three attempts at inputting various code sets to change the region, I am now looking at having to dump a perfectly good £300 printer along with £50 of new UK ink and $100 of brand new Australia ink because HP have ‘metaphorically’ forgotten their own PIN. HP did offer me a discount on a new printer…only problem is, it will be another HP printer with the same restrictions.

    My local cartridge-world can refill the UK cartridges but cannot reset the chip, you guessed it, that is region-locked as well.

    …oh and if you are wondering why I am simply not flying out some new ink from the UK; apparently the UK Post-Office no longer accept packages containing ink cartridges in case they contain explosives. I did wryly ask the teller if it was just HP cartridges which may contain explosives from disgruntled customers (seemed a fair question), but she had no sense of irony…or humour come to that.

    Thankgod my huge DVD collection isn’t region locked…Uh-Oh……

  • plazaman91

    thanks worked fine on c4280

  • John C

    HP all in one C3100 wont accept a compatible cartridge. Not sure why. It came with a 336 and 342. I bought some ones with bigger capacity as ink runs out too quick but it doesn’t like the cartridge instead produces a warning that the cartridge is not suitable. What can I do to resolve issue as unclear from Welsh lady similar post. Thanks.

  • Luiz

    Ola boa noite a minha impressora está dando uma mensagem de erro 0xc18a0201, e não está fazendo impressão, ja troquei todos os cartuchos usados por novos , já fiz o procedimento de desligar e retirar os cartuchos e inseri-los novamente nada adiantou. Será que vou ter que trocar minha impressora oi isso tem jeito

  • Luiz

    Hello good evening my printer is giving an error message 0xc18a0201, and not doing print, already changed all the cartridges used by new, I’ve done the procedure to disconnect and remove the cartridges and insert them again no avail. Will I have to replace my printer hi this is no way
    peciso really solve this problem.
    thank you very much

  • Tammy

    Have tried everything with my HP C6180, empty ink cartridgeissues are a scam! Have decided to trash it. Will not buy another HP printer can’t afford to deal with ink cartridge issues again.
    Does anyone know of comparable printer? What printer did you purchase that is just as good?

  • http://inksystemsfailure John

    I’ve tried everything and no sucess. If this is such a problem why doesnt HP change there machines. Looks like a scam to me. Think I’ve bought my last printer from HP.

  • http://Veryinteresting topic

    this thing should be touch screen

  • jose, v.

    sr. nikolai, he leido con mucho interes las soluciones que usted pone respecto de hp, yo le escribo desde mexico, tengo un ompresor c 4440, he rellenado los cartuchos y no imprime, ademas he mirado que en la parte donde se sacan los cartuchos hay mucha tinta goteada, como salpicadura, habra una solucion para este problema?, pues estas maquinas son muy caras y no se compra una a cada rato, yo estare muy aagradecido con su ayuda y por su atencion , he dejado mi correo y aprecio su respuesta, saludos

  • http://hp CMS

    Im not a happy person right now, there was no reason for this 7200 printer to fail and your hold # & 6 did not work. I WILL NOT buy another HP product.

    • Manobie

      hello guys from France !
      I used several methods to reset my HP C7280 but the only one working was this one above. (seen from it can help some of you :

      The ink system has to pump up or be primed to work & yours just did not complete it on its own. Have you inserted all 6 inks ? They need to be in to have ink to prime the machine. Try holding down the ok — cancel — black — color buttons with 4 fingers while at the same time powering the unit off. Keep them held down till it is off. Then turn it back on normally & it should try to do “Maintenance” & you hear a whirling noise — that is the ink pump spinning to try & pump in ink to the print head.

  • Margaret M

    I was getting the message: Ink System Failure – Error 0xc18a0206.
    I just used the directions for the Photosmart C5180 – the reset advice = unplug the power from the printer without shutting it down properly. Hold down the OK + Help button and plug back in the power. Wait for the printer’s screen to go black. The power up using the button normally.

    MY printer is now FIXED!!! Thanks everybody this has been a fantastic resource…I was also about to chuck a printer and about €200 worth of ink in the bin.

  • Mountaindan

    I have a C5180 All in one, it worked fine up until I moved, 5 miles away, it rode in my car and didn’t have any damage, but when I powered it up it just seems to continually try to initialize? I have tried the reset, but that did not help.
    Any other suggestions?

  • Mohd ali saif

    Sir i want to reset hp deskjet 1050 all in one how can i do reset ink level

  • Diane

    Thank you so much…..Everything works now.

    • raphaelnikolai

      You’re welcome! 

  • umberto

    I bought an HP Deskjet 3050 printer in mexico now I need to regionalize printer to accept USA ink cartridges. How can I do this process? need your help

  • Jeremiah Cruz

    Sir i have a hp photosmart plus b210e model printer, days ago an error occured and it says the black 564 cartridge is missing or damage, i repclaced it yesterday with a new one, all is well but then today the message appears again, i’ve tried soft/hard resetting the printer to no avail, and also i’ve tried placing the printhead on a bowl of hot water for 5 minutes but it didn’t help.
    Please help me on this one, i wanted to disassemble the printer so i could reach for the cmos battery, but i’m not brave enough i might cause more damage than solve it.

    • raphaelnikolai

      Hi jeremiah, don’t dismantle it yet. try cleaning the copper contacts on the cartridges and inside the printer with a lint-free cloth.

  • Manoudian

    To access ‘hiden menu’ with HP C6380
    push simultaneously PRINT PHOTOS and RED EYE REMOVAL (get Enter combo key)
    push in order: RED Eye / Print Photos / RED EYE
    then hidden menu is the same as for C4200/C4300/C4400

    Good luck

  • Peyman Eb

    how to reset hp photosmart d7163 , please help mee !!!!

  • khalid moussadaq

    How can i reset my printer HP Photosmart C4780? Can y help me please. Thanks.

  • pissed_off_at_HP_piss_on_HP

    That didn’t work for this expensive piece of crap HP8180 and of course the HP website is useless. This unit worked well at first, and I hardly use it. 6 months ago it started turning on by itself, the lights all flashed rapidly like it was have a seizure or something. After that, you can get it to turn on and if you unplug it and plug it in again it turns off and on and off and on a million times. It goes through part of it’s normal cycling then stop and of and on again. I tired every combination of button pushing and I’m over it. Today I wanted to take a hammer to this overpriced piece of crap and put it on Youtube just to get some satisfaction. I had a HP mini, 10.1 inche that worked well for 3 years and died too. What is with this company? A friend of mine has a laptop and when she tried to update HP Games, Norton shut it down. HP has way too many spys on it’s garbage that slow everything down except the time frame of things working properly. HP IS CRAP.

  • pissed_off_at_HP_piss_on_HP

    All of HP’s codes mean the same thing. YOU BOUGHT A HUGE PIECE OF CRAP SUCKER. HP needs to advertise their products as “Temporary Solutions” so you don’t get your hoped up that they’ll last beyond 2 years. What junk.

  • Injalu Kirana

    Hi everyone, i has very disturbing problem
    my printer is HP b110a, i bought it at january 2012. Now my printer can’t operate as before, because there is error message “ink system fail 0xc19a0003 “. i have done the HP instruction to solve this problem, but there is no change to my printer. i also open my right printer cover, and pul 2 flat cable an reconnect it again but there just same like first step.
    Pleasee… somebody help me, i very urgent required to solve this problem.

  • madenna

    i have a c7280 all in one and I did what you said, it worked it stopped the blinking and turned off the printer. the problem is it does not have instructions and when i turn it back on it flashes again and still says c2fe0100… sigh dont want to buy a new one love this one.

  • Courtney_G

    I have an HP Photosmart D7360 that keeps coming up with the error: 0xc18a0206 . I have tried disconnecting the power source and taking out the cartridges blah blah. I also just got off the phone with HP Support for the last 2 hours for him to just tell me that the problem is that I need a new printer and nearly forcing me into a brand new one. I have only used this one a handful of times and I am incredibly disappointed with HP. Is there a way to get to a hidden menu with my model? There seems to be a solution for this error for every other HP series but mine. Please Help!

  • Kjell Lindqvist


  • Kjell Lindqvist

    RESET HP 6510 ?

  • ADLV

    Worked on HP OfficeJet Pro L7580

  • Virginia Waddle

    hp c6180 printer giving oxc18a0101 error that I have tried to fix to no avail

  • Iurii Cuzeac

    Hi, thanks a lot! I just resolved my issue with yellow cartridge on my HP Photosmart C5150 All-in-One Printer. Your advice helped me and saved me a lot of money! thanks!

  • Linda D. Gentile

    Please help! I have a hp psc 750xi all-in-one. I recently bought a new color ink cartridge for it. I installed it, aligned cartridges & it worked fine for 2-3 days. Now when I turn it on display says “insert correct color cartridge”! I tried turning printer on & off. I tried unplugging it, waiting 30 seconds & plugging it back in. I tried taking the cartridge out & putting it back in. I tried manually cleaning
    print heads (or whatever you call metal pins on the printer), I tried putting cartridge on a damp paper towel for 10 minutes & reinstalling it. Nothing is working. And now printer is doing what I can only describe as ‘hiccuping’. It sounds like it’s trying to do something for like 2 seconds, then stops, then does it a gain, then stops. I am getting very frustrated. I also tried putting a very small amount of oil on slider bar that cartridges ride on, in case it was stuck.

  • ofmi

    Thanks! The all-in-one instructions worked for me!

  • Mandy Pulham

    I have the C410a Photosmart Premium, it was working perfectly until I was cleaning it and it two buttons simultaneously and reset it. Now it wants me to insert the SETUP cartridges that came with my printer. I don’t have those any longer since my printer is over two years old. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get around this issue??? I’m going crazy without my printer and cannot afford another one right now!! So if anyone has any ideas I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  • collegemusicbaby

    Thanks. Almost thrown mine out of the window.

  • debbiedowner3

    Used a “Cartridge World” cart. Worked for a month, then BAM… Ink System Failure. Nothing fixes it. Thanks Cartridge World….

  • frustrated

    I need help with my hp photosmart5510 it will not print I changed al ink cartridges and now I have no display on the printer. My printer does not have a key pad on it? Please help