About Us?

The idea for out-of-warranty.com came when I worked (4 years) as a Tier 3 technical support specialist for Hewlett-Packard. Over the years, I have helped thousands of HP customers in resolving their issues. Having them satisfied with the support was our main goal. However, as you may know, companies like Hp have warranty policies that were in conflict with the objective, and no matter how much I wanted to help out, I could not. It was really sad when you had to deny tech support to someone, who needed support, because there is no more tech support for out-of-warranty customers, as mandated by company policy.

So, I decided to create out-of-warranty and helped out as much as I can. Out-of-warranty.com is an open community for all out-of-warranty consumers, where users can give and take knowledge from each other.  Here are some articles i posted that helped thousands of users over the years. If you scan over the comments of each articles, you will see how successful out-of-warranty’s articles are and how it built a community of helping people.

Need Technical Support?

Whether you need technical support or have something valuable to contribute, you are welcome here at out-of-warranty.com. Join us now below.